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Hi folks, I realize yesterday was a busy posting (and reblogging) day.  As always, I like to admonish folks who follow here, that on some days the news is so prolific, reading just the headlines is enough to give you a good overview of the scripturally significant events of a given day, and I fully expect that few folks are going to read every post in it’s entirety.   Still I like to pass along anything I read that is relevent and let the reader make his or her choices from there.  When I read the paper, I only read what is of importance or interest to me.  If you are getting too many e-mails as a WordPress subscriber there is an option to designate how often you will be e-mailed.  Articles can be bundled to be sent once a day or once a week.  You can access that through the “Reader” and “manage subscriptions.  I honestly am not sure how it works if you just signed up by e-mail and not as a registered user of WordPress but I imagine there is some way to regulate the frequency of the mailings that way too.   I like to also reiterate from time to time, that not everyone is called to process all of these (seemingly negative) news events on a continuous basis.  If you find it bringing you down, do not read it.  I’m not suggesting you bury your head in the sand, only that you regulate your intake and moderate it according to what you can handle.  Balance it with the Good News from the Word.  I don’t write this blog to bum people out and bring them down.  This stuff doesn’t bother me because I have read the ending of the book, and I know how it turns out.  By the grace of God that is sure and real enough for me, that I know these “light and momentary struggles” will soon pass away.


I also have been told some readers are not able to “like” the articles.  I went into my settings under sharing and where there used to be an option to toggle “like” on or off, (and I did have them on) the option itself was now missing.  I have no idea what is up with that.  I find when something bugs out like that, eventually it rights itself.  I figure it has something to do with updates and sometimes it just takes a while for changes to catch up.   It is not the first time folks have found they had that issue here, but it’s nothing I am doing.  It seems to have a mind of its own.  I know the “like” button is nice, for letting someone know they read your article, when you don’t have time to comment, but I know you guys are out there reading anyway because of the stat monitor, so don’t feel bad if you can’t leave a “like”.


Well, as for news, we had a lull there, it seemed, over January and now the  news out of Syria, Iran, Israel, Washington, and many other points across the globe, is all gaining momentum once again. I am excited to see the response at the state level  in many states, to the gun-control push.  Word is now that Feinstien’s bill will be killed.  Don’t know what we are going to do with Obama’s over-reaching “executive orders”.  Seems to me there needs to be a reaffirmation and enforcement of our Constitution.  But we know that Obama disdains it.  I think all this “Messiah” talk is going to his head and he’s power-trippin’.  Anyway, I posted so much yesterday, I thought I’d give you guys a break, although you should know about this: Fordow Nuclear Explosion Shows War With Iran Has Already Started

I will probably hit a few “reblog” buttons as I scan the reader, and do my other rounds across the net later.  Will share anything big in another post if found.  When I am weary, I get to feeling less newsy, and more heart-to-heart-ey.  That’s something that renews and refreshes me.

Hubby Update

Other big news, my husband Garrett went back to work yesterday.  We know it is likely that after he starts chemo treatments there will be more missed time as his blood counts drop again, and his stamina wanes.  But for now, he got through that first day back pretty well, though he was pretty beat when he got home.  A praise: After some wrangling with hoops and paperwork, he got his disability check from his temporary disability policy, by Fed Ex today, so we can pay our bills this week.  🙂 Praise the Lord, He goes before us in every thing!

Usually after Christmas I start my “spring cleaning” but this year he and I both used this time for resting and recovering so we’ll be ready for this next leg of the journey, so to speak, and all the running back and forth for chemo and what have you, which will come next.  With both of us needing to guard our energy reserves so cautiously, we have just accepted the fact there will be things that won”t get done, or at least not as thoroughly done or as frequently done as we prefer (amend that, as I prefer, my fellows could live happily in chaos and clutter).  Just getting out and about for several hours yesterday sapped me pretty well.  I feel pretty draggy this morning.  Woke up feeling that way.  One thing Garrett and I have always managed to do is  to somehow not both be out of commission at the same time.  Lets pray that record holds.  🙂

Hopefully, though, with hubby and boys back at work and school, I’ll get some household stuff caught up.



Yesterday I was able to post in the A.M. then spent some time with a couple of friends that I don’t get a lot of opportunities to hang out with.  It was good fellowship. It is nice to have friends you can drop in on.

You know, life can take a lot out of a person over time.  I think that is especially true for those of us who tend to “go deep” and who tend to be very “open”.  Wading in the shallows can be tiring, but diving in deep can get exhausting.  Yet I honestly do not know how to live any other way.  I have never been good at camouflage.   I wear my heart “on my sleeve” along with my feelings and emotions, thoughts.  The proverbial “open book”.  When someone asks my perspective on something, I think it’s safe to say they generally get their money’s worth and then some, because all I know how to do is to shake it all out there onto the table for them to sort through, come away with what they will.

That is not a boast, rather I honestly feel it’s a lack of some skill I probably ought to have.  But since I don’t apparently have it, I couldn’t begin to name what it is, or somehow acquire it.  Some people marvel at it, many likely don’t know what to make of it.  Some people probably get very annoyed at it.  Especially my kids, you know, since their attention spans are that of a gnat. lol.  (Of course, they can play a mind-numbing video game for 2 hours straight. Huh.)

It’s like that with most adults too, though, now.  If something isn’t instant, fuhgeddaboudit! Call me crazy, but I like to hear from folks now and then.   Even if it entails some meandering narrative.  I guess many figure if you want to know what they are up to, you ought to read their status updates.

I used to talk more.  Because of circumstances and experiences in recent years, I have gotten much quieter. Some of it is due to changes in my life, some  of it is due to changes in how people communicate, (or don’t) these days.  Now I mostly just write.  Talking is something that can sometimes force others to have to hear things they don’t necessarily care about or want to hear.  Writing lets a person “talk” without inflicting words on anyone unless they choose to read them.

I write because I must.  It’s like breathing for me.  During the hard years, when I was a young Mom with 2 little ones,  when I was sick all the time but we didn’t know what the problem was, depressed, etc., having long conversations with anyone was nearly impossible.  Because I also am hearing impaired, being on the phone is very difficult, even with hearing aids.  It became one more thing that was exhausting.  But I would try, for a while.  Over time with all that went on with my health, I lost touch with most friends.  I seem to have mostly been the one, in  my friendships, who would  pick up the phone or stop by and make contact when I hadn’t heard from a friend in a while.  When I could no longer do that, I realized with some dismay and sadness, that if I hadn’t been the initiator  many of those friendships would have fizzled away probably a long time ago for lack of maintenance.  That hurt.  Particularly in light of the fact that as my health got worse, and my conditions made me even more isolated, even though those “friends” knew I was sick, they didn’t  came looking for me when I dropped off the face of the earth.  I stopped chasing people right about then.  And talking as much.

I understand that people are busy, have a lot on their plate.  (I had a plate once upon a time.) But being the kind of person who always took the time to notice when someone else was struggling and made it a point to reach out, I guess I finally decided that anyone who was interested,  had my number and knew where to find me.  After all, we’ve lived in the same house for nearly 17 years, had the same phone number.  I don’t hold any animosity toward the friends that have faded out of my life.  I also don’t feel hurt about it anymore.  I’m just not going to hunt them down.

I don’t understand the low premium people have placed on friendship, on “relationship” in general, but I’ve just accepted it as a fact of modern-day-life, and have accepted the not understanding.

I have not written off those friends who drifted out of my life, mostly because there was no need to.  They are already gone.  Instead, I take stock of the friendships where there is more of a mutuality about it.  I nurture the ones with those who are willing to trust me with their failures as well as their victories, their flaws as well as their attributes.  I don’t have the energy for pursuit, and facades hold no fascination for me.  I don’t have the energy for hammers and chisels.  I just prefer to deal in real or not at all.  Small talk is fine, but that’s all some people seem to be capable of.

I don’t  really care what skirt someone got on sale at 80 percent off this past weekend.  I don’t even like to shop.  I hate gossip.  There is no television series that I watch, in fact I very rarely watch t.v. at all.   If you are my friend, I want to know what makes you tick.  I want to know your opinion on significant things.  I want to learn things with you.  I want to help you with something.  It’s not that it’s all about what I prefer,  I just don’t think friendship ought to reqire a can-opener, or a fishing pole.

I try to be a giver, but I guess it comes down to that “love language” thing.  In my estimation,  you have given me a gift when you talk to me about what is on your heart.  When I trust you with my wounds, hopes, disappointments, dreams, that is my gift to you.  For me, the way for me to know your love language, is for you to give me a peek inside your inner world. It requires a certain degree of vulnerability, and I think therein lies the snag.  I am interested in the person,  not the surface activities, associations, and material trappings.  But some people’s love language seems to consist of only  stuff and fluff.  Material possessions, and superficial chatter with lots times lots of acquaintances-which-are-being-called friends, no breaking the surface allowed.

I see no value in that. It  just doesn’t compute in my mind.  I don’t know.  I guess that makes me weird.

What about you? What is your definition of a friend?

6 thoughts on “On Post Overload, “Likes” news, “hubby update”, friendship

  1. A true friend is someone who knows all about you and loves you anyway. Some of my closest friends, (not my best friend, tho), aren’t even Christians. Go figure. They know that I am a Christian and I know what they believe and we “agree to disagree”. I can tell that they are coming around, softening their stance, etc., regarding Christianity, as time goes on and they see that what I have been telling them for years is coming to fruition. Praise the Lord!

    Anyway, I love the articles you send. I’ve discovered that they are most always worth my time. That actually saves me time in the long run. It’s a matter of priorities. I almost never watch television either so that leaves me more time to read such articles. I have the television programmed to record great Christian shows like Faith in History or John MacArthur or Hal Lindsey or Charles Stanley or Adrian Rogers (I could go on and on) so when I do decide to put my feet up and stretch out my back (bad back) there is something worth watching.

    My reputation has also been that I am a talker and will tell you exactly what I think. (You may have noticed). I am working on getting a reputation now of being a good listener. God did give us two ears and only one mouth. It’s hard because I’ve always thought that everyone was entitled to my opinion. =) ha-ha.

    Keep up the good work and I, like Gwenlyn, (what a beautiful name), will be keeping you and Garrett and the boys in my prayers.

    God bless you,



    • Thank you for those prayers. Gwen is my very special aunt. She and I have had a special bond since I was a kid. She has always had a beautiful tender heart. Keep those opinions coming. I like folks that speak their mind. Thanks for the encouragement too. No matter what else takes place, we know it’s only getting us closer to the time when Jesus will reign and remove the curse from this old Earth. Amen!


      • Amen! My husband’s people came from Oklahoma and Mississippi. Before they were there I don’t know where they came from. Some of them were in Florida but I don’t know if they moved there later. My mom’s people came from West Virginia! She is 92 and spends a lot of time talking about the past. She was recently reminising about “Rock Lake” where they used to spend a lot of time. It really is a small world, isn’t it? I pray that you have a blessed day.


  2. My defination of a friend is someone that you can always talk to no matter how long it has been since you talked last. Someone that will say that they keep me in their prayers. We all need lifted in prayer especially in time of difficulties. I think that people today only have themselves on their minds and all the material things that they want or have obtained. There is no room in their lives to check on a sick neighbor that hasn’t been out of the house for weeks. And these people I’m speaking of have nothing better in their lives to do but think about SELF. There is not room for God in their lives so therefore they are consumed with self. I have found that living for God and thanking him for the grace of salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ that my mind is not on myself but on the people that need to find what I have. My heart is with the older people of our church for they have endured and are only waiting patiently to see Christ through death or by his coming back for his people. With things going at such a fast pace it is hard to keep up with the speed of time. I have found by taking it moment by moment has kept me from just throwing up my hands and saying what’s the use. But there is a reason, a purpose for me that I must follow the path of those who have gone before me and endure it to the end whatever it may be. All the info that you filter into your post can sometimes be overwhelming and can make a person anxious for the rapture. We know these things will take place and yet we would only hope that it would at least slow down so that we would have the time to spread the word to someone that may find salvation before it is to late. Reading and hearing about all the bad things going on in the world today makes you want to find a cave somewhere and hide till it is all over but that is not what God wants us to do. We need to show people that no matter what we face in this life it can’t be as bad as what the sinner is going to face at judgement. My pastor said something in church sunday night in reguards to homosexuals and that if a couple came into our church and ask if they could be wed there, that he would say absolutely not and maybe even toss them out the window. I took that as an incorrect response. I could almost hear the anger or disgust for such things that are gong on today and I understand how we can let our feeling overcome us to think that way BUT they are people in need of God and a light to shine a path of doing what God’s word tells us to do and not to do. My response would have been, NO we will not marry you for it is a abomination to God for such things to take place but if you have the time I will show you through God’s word why such a thing is so wrong. I would want to make them see the error of their ways. I might seem to pointing fingers but I myself have gotton the taste of disgust in the things that are taking place, and that is in just what people are doing to others and to themselves. It bothers me that I have a husband that would prefer to live in a sinful condition than to seek a peace within himself that he could only get from God. Even though we are legally divorced he is still my husband. I made a promise before God when we got married and I have not turned against that promise. I have no other love for another just God. I am looking forward to talking to my pastor about what he said and I am sure that if he has even given it a little bit of a second thought that he knows what he said was wrong. Sometimes we need corrected in the things we say cause alot of times we will speak without thinking about what we are saying. He is a very and understanding person and I am sure that it will be a good discussion for both of us. If we’re as slow to anger as much as we were slow to reach out and lend a helping had we’d much better off. Anyway I didn’t mean for this to go on and on like it has but I like you, don’t have a whole lot to talk to anyone about ,because it’s hard to make small talk when there is so much evil in the world. Will be keeping Garret, the boys and you in my prayers. Keep up with the work you are doing people need to know that prophecy is being fullfilled and the end time is near. Peace be with you all.


    • Yeah, sometimes I feel a little bad about posting so much bad stuff. I do try to throw in a little levity from time to time but some days there is so much pertinent “bad” news that by the time I get through it all, I don’t have the energy to look for the light-hearted stuff. Because believe me, you have to search that out. That is why I say from time to time, you can keep up with the news by really just reading the headline, without all the detail. At a glance if there have been 7 earthquakes, and Israel has deployed Iron Dome, and there’s a suspicious explosion at an Iran nuke facility, well, that’s already a “heavy sign” day.

      I think it is always a good thing for the flock to challenge the pastor from time to time. Sometimes that is a more powerful chastisement than any other, when done in love and respect. My neighbor was telling me the other day about once when her husband was just having a bit of a “bad attitude day” (where he was generally considerate of her), he lost his temper and told her to “just shut up”. Their grown son witnessed this behavior and called his dad out. He defended his actions at first, but he was double chastised by the fact his son was only being the man his father had taught him to be. It is good day when you see that your years of teaching payed off, but ouch! LOL.

      Garrett is doinga alright for the moment. We’re starting to get back into a routine with him going to work this week, but of course all that will change again next week when the chemo starts. Right now it’s the dread of the unknown but the chemo nurse told us that once we get a few treatments under his belt it will go by faster than we expect. His wound is almost healed.


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