Pineal Gland

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The medical profession describes the pineal gland as being:

“a small endocrine gland in the vertebrate brain that produces the serotonin derivative melatonin, a hormone that affects the modulation of wake/sleep patterns and seasonal functions. Its shape resembles a tiny pine cone (hence its name), and it is located near the centre of the brain, between the two hemispheres, tucked in a groove where the two rounded thalamic bodies join.”  Waking Times

The pineal gland closes as soon as the baby’s sexual organs are developed.  It stops growing in early childhood and calcifies/hardens by age 17 in most cases.

In New Age and Occultic belief systems, such as Kundalini, the pineal gland is referred to as the “third eye”, the seat of the soul, the place in the mind from which to access a spiritual gateway to other realms and dimensions.    It is sometimes referred to as the “all-seeing eye”, and a “bridge to divine consciousness”.  This third eye is said to be awakened by meditation, visualization, and chanting.

Here is a pastor (Pastor Armstrong) who ministers to at-risk youth and young adults through prison ministry.  I like that he is making his flock aware of these dangers and just how satan tricks people to get them caught up in these traps.  Sadly many churches are doing the opposite, they are actually teaching the people in their practices which open these spiritual doors to satanic and demonic access.  Centering prayers, “meditation” chanting, “spiritual mantra’s”.   This video will also help you understand why the superbowl halftime shows, Madonnna concerts, Olympic opening and closing ceremonies contain the content that they do.  This is an invocation.  An invitation for the demonic spirits.  Serious, dangerous stuff.  The latter part of the first video,  and the beginning of the second one, may cause you to stop and re-think the atmosphere now being created in “praise and worship” in a lot of churches today!

A good video for young people to watch, but really, any age.


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  1. I will listen to these videos later. I am working on a piece about the third eye (christ- consciousness chakra) and the seal of the Holy Spirit. The forehead is the seat of the will, concentration and emotions and this is the place where the spiritual battle takes place. For the will to submit either to God or to Satan. I believe it has to do with the mark of the beast as a counterfeit but nevertheless real mark as the branding of a property.

    The physical mark of the beast allows the physical scanning for population control, but the spiritual mark of willing submission to Satan is already there. It has to do with consecration. Look at the scripture on the consecration of Aaron and the other priests. then, look at the seal of protection of the man of Jerusalem when the angel killed the people without the mark on the forehead. then in Revelation with the marking of the 44.000 jews and see if you can connect the dots.

    A very important part of the initiation by the Guru into discipleship is called shaktipa or transfering or imparting divine energy or power from one to the other. Only this should be a huge red flag for Christians who go forward and have the prophet or teacher or pastor impart spiritual power by touching their forehead. That. combined with the trance like, repetitive chanting bringing the worshiper to an altered state of consciousness probably “alpha” or worse will be enough to produce the physical and emotional manifestations present in that type of gathering.

    Back to the initiation, when the Guru touches the disciple´s forehead he anoints it with a red dot or tilak mark that one can see on Hindus. This signals the presence of the power of God in the devotee.

    Well, I have given you enough for you to chew on. If you study the relevant scriptures, you will patterns emerging and a connection between the importance of the will yieldedness to the Lord or the devil and why the Scriptures put so much emphasis on the exercise of the will in submission and obedience, starting even with Adam and Eve all the way to Revelation.
    Grace and peace to you. Maranatha. Jean-Louis.


    • I will look forward to reading that post when you get it up. I do see this is a preparation. I remember those instances in the Bible which you listed, the consecration of the priests and marks on the foreheads of those who are sealed in the Lord and protected. In fact, when God seals someone it is always in the forehead. But the a.c. seal/mark of beast will be in forehead or right hand. The right hand is a position of exaltation and power. Jesus sits at God’s right hand. Yet in the Bible the “giving of the right hand” in battle, signifies submission to the victor. (Ezekiel 17:18 and Jeremiah 50:15) Generally, those on the losing side of a battle become prisoners of the victor. I would speculate that may be why the mark of the beast can be in either the forehead or the right hand, while God’s seal is only in the forehead. In the believer, there is always submission to God’s will. For the unbeliever during the tribulation, even if he doesn’t “choose satan” he will become prisoner to satan by default, in having not submitted to God. Some will (and already have) chosen Satan as their master. (Mark in the forehead, followed Satan of their own free will, seat of the will located in forefront of the mind) perhaps the rest will be marked in the right hand, who didn’t choose Satan, but neglected to choose Jesus while they had the chance. Hmm. Something to think about. Thanks J-L your comments always do get me pondering.


  2. I’d like to add, that having suffered depression and mood issues, and been prescribed some of the very medications this pastor speaks of, that they definitely have to potential in an unsaved person, to put that person in a vulnerable/altered state of consciousness. No doubt this affirms the theory that many of the “school shooters” and other mass-shooters were led to the act due to psychoactive pharmaceuticals. It’s not the drug itself that is casing it, but the condition of being opened up to demonic spirits, which in turn lead to the violence because demons don’t just want to ruin your life, they crave death and blood.


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