Test! Apparently e-mails stopped for a while?…(hubby update and random rambling thrown in).

From time to time settings seem  to go wonky on WordPress.  I just got a call from my brother and he asked if I’d stopped writing my blog because he’d not gotten an email in about a week.  Sure enough, when I checked settings, it had been “unchecked”.  But not by me.  I publish something pretty much every day even if it’s just a reblog.

A month ago it was my “like button” settings that had completely disappeared.  I don’t know, folks, I think there may be someone out there who just likes to mess with this blog and keep people from getting the timely news related to end-times things.  Anyhoo, it’s fixed now. Thanks Jack, for letting me know, and my apologies to any of you who thought I fell off the face of the Earth.  You got a lotta reading to catch up on is all I can say, lol.  Maybe there is a “safety shutoff”, you know, for those days when I crank out 28 articles and re-blogs.

Somewhere in the inner mechanics of my blog, there is probably a little electronic voice shouting:

“Warning!  Danger! You have exceeded your limit of critical information.  An automatic mechanism may be triggered, which will result in the loss of e-mail privileges for one week.  Cut it out!  It get’s annoying!  Just because you read seven hundred newspapers a day does not mean everybody else  wants to hear it.  I repeat, you have dangerously exceeded your WordPress imposed limit of daily posts…..”

Thanks for all those who keep coming back.  God bless!

Oh, and please pray for hubby.  Second round of chemo starts tomorrow.  He got through a full week of work last week pretty well and made the statement the other day that he feels better than he’s felt in 2 years.   With first round of chemo he didn’t feel bad the three days it was infusing, but Friday afternoon it hit him, Saturday was pretty rough and he was wiped out, and by Sunday night he was a little better, but then Monday morning he was good to go!  His surgical incision is finally closed.  He now jokes about having two belly-buttons because where the wound had to fill in from the bottom up, it’s still puckered.  LOL.  Well, I guess there is always a tradeoff.  He lost 10 inches of colon, but got a spare belly button so it all works out.

What is the deal with the doctors when you have been hospitalized?  We are getting bills from doctors we are pretty sure we never met.   Then they have outsourced billing so you get a bill labeled “Insight Group” but that isn’t the doctor’s group, it is the contractor who handles their billing.  By the time it’s all over we are afraid we may have paid some of these guys 3 times.  We add up the totals and think, “ok, that’s not as bad as we thought” only to find out they’re not finished coming in yet.  We’re waiting on the itemized bill from the hospital so we can make sense of it all and probably will protest some charges.   I’m just thankful he had his surgery and is getting his chemo now before everyone figures out that ObamaCare has bankrupted every insurance in the U. S.




2 thoughts on “Test! Apparently e-mails stopped for a while?…(hubby update and random rambling thrown in).

  1. So glad to hear the positive news about your hubby. As frustrating as it is, I would go over every bill very carefully. Our experience was that we found MANY mistakes before it was all over. One flagrant one was doctors billing for an “office visit” when there wasn’t one. Despicable.


  2. Hi, Sandee. Don’t know what happened with your brother’s email; but you’ve been coming in loud and clear here. If I missed anything I wasn’t aware of it. Snerdley


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