Official Stance of the National Sheriff’s Association

If you recall, a few weeks back I posted about how I had contacted my own local Sheriff to ask him where he and other Virginia Sheriff’s stand on Obama’s move to restrict our 2nd Amendment rights.  His response showed that he was very aware on these issues and concerned, and also willing to work through proper channels.  It is really good to know that on the local and state level things are still being done in a lawful and orderly fashion.  Sheriff Anderson even invited me to come meet with him if I had any more concerns or questions.

We’ve been at the hospital for chemo today, so I’m just now going through some of my e-mails, and lo and behold, I heard from Sheriff Anderson today.  He was kind enough to forward a memo with an attached Adobe document which states the official position of the National Sheriff’s Association in regards to the American Citizen’s Right to Keep and Bear Arms.  I can’t attach the document but here is a screenshot:

National Sheriffs Assoc statement on 2nd Amendment

     Yeah!  That’s what I’m talking about! 

Bottom LINE

3 thoughts on “Official Stance of the National Sheriff’s Association

  1. I believe this official statement is clear as an affirmation of the 2nd Amendment on the part of the Sheriffs Association, and makes clear they will not uphold any laws which violate the citizen’s constitutional rights. Granted, with judges now “legislating” from the bench, there’s no telling how it will all “shake out” when all is said and done. The checks and balances are not working like they were designed to, and I believe Sheriff Anderson and many other sheriffs, get that, so within the scope of their authority, they are standing up for the rights of the Citizen according to the Constitution. I, personally am a CCP holder, and certainly believe in God-given rights, upon which the Constitution and Bill of Rights are based. But, yes, there are a lot of Christians today who would condemn those of us who believe in these rights, and have no understanding that the U.S is a Constitutional Republic, nor of the significance of States Rights. Thanks for the link. Great lecture. Obama seems to have no inkling of states rights whatsoever, or worse, simply chooses to disregard them.


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