Hubby and chemo nurse Sarah

Hubby and Chemo Nurse Sarah


Sunny Chemo Room

Good for a nap

Chemo is at least good for a nap!

We thank the Lord today that we live in America where (at least for now) you can get such great care in pleasant surroundings.

The “in the chair” portion of his treatment was from 10 until 3:30 today, after which he went to work for 2 hours as well.  On top of that, we were an hour early because hubby nor I actually looked at the schedule, we assumed it would be the same time as before, but they had a staff meeting.  So, we went over to the resource center where we browsed lots of books and pamphlets that are available for anyone going through any sort of cancer and cancer treatment.  I also got to use the computer there to do a little of my blogging this morning.  Next time I’ll just bring my own laptop I think.

The Fanny Pack The Chemo Bottle

And these last 2 photos show the lovely and fashionable fanny pack which holds the continuous chemo infuser bottle, and the bottle itself.  It is shaped like a baby bottle, only fatter, and inside is a balloon which is filled with the medicine.  It works by pressure and will probably finish around 1:30 on Friday.

On our first round of chemo 2 weeks ago, we were also a little early so we went over to the Home Depot to look for hooks my husband needs for displaying the instruments he makes.  It was sort of a funny experience, in that we walked in and were greeted immediately at the door by not one but 2 greeters.  My husband was wearing this camo boonie hat and the guy “thanked him for his service”.  My husband mumbled and kept walking (he did serve in the Navy, and sailor’s definitely don’t wear hats like that, lol), but we hadn’t gone more than 5 feet when someone else came at us with “can I help you find anything today, sir?” Again, he knew what he wanted and felt pretty confident he could read the ginormous signs that are at the end of every aisle, to find what he needed.  When we did, indeed reach that row, they came at us again, this time in twos, “Good morning, folks, can we help you find what you’re looking for?”  (By this time it’s starting to feel a little creepy, like “We WILL PERSIST UNTIL YOU ALLOW US TO HELP YOU”), and we both look at each other like, what? is? UP? with the Customer service in this place, sheesh! We were on the right aisle, but we couldn’t get to the bins where the hooks were, for all the orange-vested employees standing in the way.

Once we finally convinced them we had located what we came for, we found that the exact hook he was looking for in the size he needed, was not among them.  So, we figured we’d look around in a couple of other places like in shelving/storage/organization to see if there we might find something else that might work by improvisation.  Bad idea.  More creepy “helpers”.

Me: “Turn left, quick, there’s one approaching at three o’clock”.

Hubby: “Ok, I think we lost them”

(Sales clerk, above our head’s in bucket lift), “Hello folks, can we help you find something down there today?”  (Agghhhhhhhhhh!)

Well, that was IT, we high-tailed it out of there, right past those cheerful greeters, and back out into the rainy morning.  As we got in our car, another lady was getting out of hers.  I almost felt like I ought to warn her.

You know the economy is bad when you are stalked by the Home Depot clerks.

Yup, this is what he does in his spare time.  He makes or restores stringed musical instruments.  That’s what he needed the wall hooks for.

The one he is holding (seated photo looking weary) is the mandolin-in-progress.  The lap dulcimer he made last month hangs on the wall beside the cute banjolele he restored last year.  And the two electric guitars were his earlier projects from a few years back.

2 thoughts on “Chemo

  1. I’m afraid that incidents like that are just a taste of things to come. I expect similar “hiccups” to take place with any federal checks, like tax returns, Social Security, etc. I’m thankful the Lord does look after His own. It’s getting rough out there and we all must hold onto our faith through these rocky times. I’m glad to know you have the other income and prospects. I’ll pass along that hug, thanks. Friday after the chemo infusion finished, was the point last time around, at which he got head-achey and the fatigue hit. But he has continued to be able to go to work and so far, so good.


  2. Hi Sandee,
    It´s great to see photos of “Hubby” doing well. I like hearing that he took such a nice hobby. The instruments looked very well made. I have a friend in NC who has played guitar for a long time. When the market for painters dried out, he had a good business he started buying and selling guitars and restoring them. He is making enough money to feed his family. The Lord looks after his own! Please pray for us. My SS retirement direct deposit was late this month It´s been 3 weeks already. Finally after a lot of investigating, I found out I had to fill out a new form, questionnaire and send it back to Argentina Buenos Aires´ US Embassy. It ´s going to take a little more than a week to get my money. I hope that everything will be OK. It´s just a routine questionnaire, they want to find out any change in your status, your employment, your filing taxes, marriage, divorce, change of address, this sort of things. But still, It´s kind of scary to find yourself without the financial resources you counted on. That´s when your faith is tested. The Lord always had our back covered. I had more demand for English classes and I plan to go and drop my resume at the many language schools here close by.
    Be well and blessed abundantly, my dear sister friend. A big hug to ” Hubby”.


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