Geenyus Building Contractors Incorporated

You recall this bit of humor from last week, I’m sure. (You’ll want to go ahead and click on that to get the full effect before reading the rest).  What you don’t know is that wasn’t just some funny picture I found on the internet.  I took that photo out in front of my house, where one of the construction workers working on the job across the street, had parked in my spot all day.  It is always good to find some way to redeem a negative situation.  A good laugh is worth a lot.

God knew that hubby and I needed one today, and apparently the crew next door are an abundant source.  They went to lunch and never came back for some reason. Here is what we saw today:

Geenyus Building Contractors Incorporated

They’re making really good time on this job!  You note that the windows are all in, the door is actually on, you just can’t see it because it is open.  But what is that big brown thing in the yard?  A dumpster?  Nope. Take a closer look:

um I think you forgot something

Now, I’m no carpenter, nor am I a plumber, but maybe if we just……….

There, I fixed it!

There!  That ought to do ‘er!

How are they going to get that entire bath and shower tub into the house via that tiny door? Wouldn’t it have made a little more sense to have it in there before framing out everything?