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 “End Time Bible Prophecy”


End Time Bible Prophecy

Gordan King, a.k.a. gdk4god, has been up and running since October of last year.  I am not sure when it was that I discovered Gordon’s blog.  But I’ve followed ever since.  I think from time to time, the Lord sends in reinforcements.  I consider Terry James and Todd Strandberg, Jack Kelley, Ron Graham, Grant Phillips (et al) over at Rapture Ready, to be the pioneers in the endeavor to keep Christians informed about critical events and developments that are leading right up to the return of Christ.  They have been at this for years. None of us is trying to compete with the pros.  The rest of us are just a few extra grunts whom God nudged into the fray here at the end, to hold up their arms like Aaron and Hur did for Moses.  The Lord has His workers on lots of other blog platforms as well.

For those of you who like my blog for volume of content, you will definitely want to follow End Time Prophecy if you aren’t already.  Click HERE for his “About” page.


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  1. Praise God for the bloggers that are warning people about the coming and todays events leading to the rapture of the church. Thank you Lord for all the workers out there for your blessings on them and their ability to get the word out.


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