Timely tidbits

Around the work room or garage:

  • A basic toilet paper dispenser roll is great for holding several rolls of different types of tape or ribbon.  Attach a pair of scissors with a piece of string, so it’s always handy for cutting!
  • To keep your nut rings and washers organized by size, use those wire shower curtain rings that are shaped sort of like a light-bulb, and put the washers on there like you would put keys on a keyring.  Hang on hooks on your pegboard wall in the garage or workroom.
  • Accidentally spilled a box of nails on your garage floor? Glue a flexible magnetic strip across the end of a dustpan, sweep up as usual, but when you dump the contents, sawdust, dirt, etc, will fall into the trash, while nails and screws will be caught by the magnetic strip.
  • Hate how no matter how hard you try, you invariably end up with paint running down the outside of the can and filling up the rim?  Slip a large rubber band over the paint can (top-to-bottom, not around) so that the rubber band stretches across the top of the can.  Use the rubber band to scrape off excess paint, instead of the rim!

Household and Beauty

  • Hair-clogged drain: Pour mixture of  1 cup salt, 1 cup baking soda, and 1/2 cup vinegar  into drain.  Wait 10-15 minutes and follow up with about a half gallon of boiling water.  If this moves the clog, follow-up by running the hot-water tap until it drains freely or repeat the process.  If you pour a half-cup of laundry bleach into the drain from time to time and allow it to sit 10 minutes before running water, this will also help keep hair dissolved and also get rid of that rotten-egg smell that comes from decomposing hair in a drain.  Never mix bleach with any other household chemicals.
  • Deep Woods Off™ will take ink off most surfaces, even “permanent” ink!
  • Dropped salad dressing on your work slacks over lunch break?  Sprinkle salt to cover entire stain.  Brush off excess.  Salt will absorb excess oil.  It won’t eliminate the stain but will make it more likely all of it will come out in the next wash, without further “pre-treatment”.  Baby wipes also work really well for immediate treatment of many stains, and will sometimes remove the stain completely. Baby powder or baking soda will also absorb grease stain on clothes and help it come out in the wash, and sometimes you can just brush off the powder or baking soda and the grease goes with it.
  • Love your Yankee Candle, but hate that sooty black that builds up on the glass? Save your fabric softener sheets after use, and keep them handy for stripping off that greasy soot.  Like to keep the pretty jars, but don’t know how to get that last little eighth of an inch of candle wax out of the bottom?  Set jar in freezer, and after an hour or so, wax should be easy to break into pieces using the end of a spoon or butter knife to press into it.  Once wax cracks, turn the jar upside down and lightly tap with you fingers, and the pieces should un-stick from the bottom and fall right out!
  • No glue?  Canned (evaporated) milk held together grandma’s figurine.  Thirty years and still holding.  Egg white will work for cardboard and paper.
  • 1/2 cup of baking soda in your laundry and less detergent will make that box or bottle of expensive detergent last longer, and get your laundry cleaner at the same time!
  • Banana’s starting to turn brown before you can get them eaten?  Peel them and seal in zip-lock bags, then store in freezer.  They make for yummy smoothies, or you can use them later in banana bread after thawing.
  • Forget expensive exfoliating products.  Use baking soda.
  • Baking soda will also take off built up hair products as well as the waxes, etc, that make blonde hair get that brassy look.
  • Forget expensive beauty masks for pulling off that dead skin or clearing those blackheads.  Elmer’s glue, rubbed on fairly thick, allowed to dry completely, then peeled off, will give your skin that youthful glow by taking that dulling layer of dead stuff off the surface!  Never use on acne!
  • For small blemishes, crush one aspirin, dampen with water into a paste, and dab gently on inflamed blemish.  Allow to dry, then remove with clean, damp cloth.  Minimizes inflammation, absorbs oils.
  • Best facial astringent, Listerine! It is antiseptic, and the minty kind feels nice and cool on hot summer days.
  • Milk of Magnesia is another good oil-absorber.  Rub on a layer using a clean cotton ball, allow to fully dry, and then rinse!  Gentle enough to use even with mild acne.  Not to be used daily if skin starts to feel too dry.