In the spirit of lighter fare

Reader Mary M. lives in Colorado.  She is right there where the fires are.  Please pray for Mary and her family, for the safety of her home, and the many others around her who are in harms way. 

Mary told me that the prairie dogs are acting very strange around there right now, no doubt due to the fire, but that they actually seem to be committing suicide!  Running into the road and just standing there, even in the face of oncoming traffic.  She said it is freaking her out a bit.  I think I would feel the same way.  My son was watching Meerkat Manor yesterday and it made me think of Mary and those prairie dogs.  God’s creatures. 

This is for Mary and her prairie dogs:

Prairie Dog Town

by Mary Austin

Old Peter Prairie-Dog built him a home in Prairie-Dog Town With a door that goes down, and down and down,

And a hall that goes under, and under and underWhere you can’t see the lightning, You can’t hear the thunder,

For they don’t like thunder in Prairie Dog Town

Old Peter Prairie-Dog digs him a cellar in Prairie-Dog Town

With a ceiling that is arched and a wall that is round, and the earth he takes out he makes into a mound, and the hall and the cellar are dark as dark

And you can’t see a spark, not a single spark, and the way to them cannot be found.

Old Peter Prairie-Dog knows a very clever trick of behaving like a stick when he hears a sudden sound, like an old dead stick, and when you turn your head He’ll jump real quick, and be another stick when you look around.

It’s a clever trick and it keeps him safe and sound in the cellar and the halls that are under the mound in Prarie-Dog Town.          

                                      ~ from Favorite Poems, Old and New,   by  Helen Ferris © 1957



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