Milestone Celebration! Woot-Woot! 99,000 Hits


I am often so busy cranking them out, that I miss all the nice, round number milestones.  I was just doing some “housecleaning” of my posts, re-categorizing, making sure things were tagged, etc, and discovered I’d landed on the 99,0000th hit today!   It is a little like having Alzhiemers, I am surprised again and again as I watch the Lord grow this endeavor.  Still haven’t topped my “Best Ever” of 1069 hits in  one day (in fact, still can’t account for what happened that day, April 3rd, ha!) Flag count 158!  

Thank you readers, followers, and prayer partners, and hubby and Mom, and all my friends at the asylum.  Ok, that last bit was just to see if you were paying attention.  

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