Not to be missed: “Is Israel the Next Superpower”

Is Israel the Next Superpower?

Pakistan’s The Nation newspaper, which describes itself as being the market leader in the Punjab and Islamabad areas, has published an op-ed that predicts Israel will become the world’s next superpower…Israel is benefiting from the Sunni-Shi’ite divisions ripping apart the Islamic world, claims Noor, and cites an anlysis that states: “The twin crises in Syria and Egypt have marked the emergence of a new superpower coalition in the Middle East, the odd couple alliance of Israel and Saudi Arabia, with Jordan serving as an intermediary and the Persian Gulf oil sheikdoms playing a supporting role.”…“The Arab Spring has spawned a chaos and instability in every country it has touched that’s going to grind on for years to come,” Herman had opined. “A new report warns that Egypt is on the verge of collapse; Israel’s old adversary Syria, already is. Both are also very likely headed towards economic ruin – as has already happened to Israel’s other foe, Hamas in Gaza, and could hit Iran next.”  “All these factors,” Noor sums up, “contribute to the belief that Israel would be the next superpower.”……how prophetic! – read the commentary below and at the link provided to understand how this will very soon come to be!

Israel a Regional Superpower with new Borders

While we watch the seizing of freedom in America and the steady march to the collapse of the dollar [which is taking world economies with it], the Middle East is starting to come unglued. We are a front row witness to the prophetic setting of the stage for the War of Gog & Magog. We have seen alliances form between lifelong enemies Russia and Iran while at the same time countries like Turkey move from leaning to the west to path of strategic alliance with Russia and Iran. We are very close to the War of Gog & Magog, but before this happens there will be a Middle East war that will quickly start, rapidly conclude, and then soon followed by the War of Gog & Magog…The Bible tells us that the nation of Israel accomplishes all the prerequisites for the War of Gog & Magog via a military solution. In victory, they will become primed for the future events of the Russian-Iranian coalition destined to form against them. At the conclusion of this war [the war preceding the War of Gog & Magog known as the Psalm 83 War], Israel’s conquest over the inner circle of the surrounding Arab populations of Palestinians, Syrians, Saudi Arabians, Egyptians, Lebanese, and Jordanians will see Israel’s borders enlarged, prosperity increased, and national stature remarkably enhanced…Read all the details here:

Deuteronomy 19:8 tells us “When the Lord your God will enlarge your borders, as He has sworn to your forefathers, and will give you the entire land which He has promised to give to your ancestors.”… no question that a series of great wars are coming to this epicenter and I believe Israel will, by the power of Almighty God, expand her borders to closely align with the Abrahamic Covenant borders which God promised Israel – See map below or at this link .  The regional Wars spoken of in Psalms 83, Jeremiah 49, Isaiah 17 & 19, Ezekiel 35, Zephaniah 2:4-15, Zechariah 12:1-9 will conclude in a massive and overwhelming Israeli victory, resulting in the reestablishment of a GREATER Nation of Israel.  Then, living in peace and security for a time, it sets the stage and becomes the likely impetus (along with the Gas & Oil “hook in the jaw”) for Russia to lead the Ezekiel 38 & 39 War against Israel, which God (the real SUPERPOWER) visibly and dramatically intercedes and utterly destroys this confederacy of Islamic Nations.  My belief is, at this point, the Daniel 9:27 covenant will be confirmed, and for the purpose of protecting the remaining Arab nations from the threat of Israel’s further expansion – not necessarily to protect Israel!  …With all that is going on right now, what we are watching with our own eyes, indicates we are at the very door-step of the fulfillment of these very significant prophetic events!

…and the likely triggering event

The LORD is LIVID with IRAN! and a strike by Israel is imminent

About 2600 years ago the LORD informed Jeremiah the prophet that HE was livid with Iran. Jeremiah 49:37 informs of this fierce anger. This verse also announces that Iran’s western border, by the Persian Gulf, will be the location of an epic biblical disaster. This impending catastrophe comes as a result of a severe judgment from the LORD!  During Jeremiah’s time the LORD was not LIVID with Iran, but the prophecy appears to be for today. Presently, the LORD is deeply disturbed by Iran’s rogue ruling regime and their atomic aspirations. Jeremiah 49:34-39 issues a vastly overlooked prophecy that western scholars are just now beginning to discuss. However, millions of Iranians and now many British citizens are familiar with this ancient prediction. The prophecy declares that Iranian leadership will be prevented from launching dangerous missiles somewhere, but where?…Listen to Bill Salus below (Note, original video now replaced with more recent one in 2921)


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  1. I think the Jeremiah 49 prophecy has already been fulfilled. Think about it. It ends with “But it shall come to pass in the latter days, that I will bring again the captivity of Elam, saith the LORD.”

    If we are living in the “latter days” now then now is not the time for the fulfilment of this passage.

    Nevertheless, something will keep Iran out of the Psalm 83 war. Maybe an attack by Israel, or maybe something else. Perhaps it will be internal strife within Iran. A lot of Iranians are fed up with the current administration, and have already been cooperating with Israel in sabotaging their nuclear facilities.

    I think we will ultimately find out that the Psalm 83 war plus the Ezekiel 38-39 war, and the intervening time will become a pseudo-Tribulation. A lot of Christians will identify this time period as having been the Tribulation. This interpretation will lead people to believe the Tribulation is over, and to expect the millennial reign, at the exact time the Antichrist is set to rise.

    This being the case it is logical that Satan will have to have someone else identified as the False Prophet and the Antichrist. This will most likely be the pope and a European leader. I would expect them to be destroyed during the Gog/Magog war.

    There will be a peace treaty after the Psalm 83 war, and this treaty will allow Israel and the Arabs to live together and prosper. This is why Sheba, Dedan, and Tarshish, (all Arab entities) will protest the Gog/Magog attack.

    This treaty will ultimately become the model for the Antichrist’s treaty. This is why he “confirms” a covenant. He does not originate it himself, but reinstates one that was already in force. This covenant will have given Israel and the Arabs peace and prosperity and this will be the sales-pitch for reinstating it.

    So, if this is the case, then when the European leader brokers this same treaty several years earlier, it will identify him as the Antichrist in the minds of many Christians.

    This is the hypothesis I fleshed out in my book “The Spirit of Prophecy”, you can also read about it on my blog at

    Dan Knezacek


  2. Here is a related video I posted a while ago. I read the book by Salus, very good analysis. I will read this post later one.
    Thanks for your visit and comments. I left a reply for you on your comment about Calvinism that I approach from another angle. I think that sometimes the intellectual/spiritual teachings of some of the most renowned people in Christendom sounds like a lot of nonsense to intelligent and perceptive people that are looking for the truth.
    I wonder if the Enlightenment of the 17th Cent. wasn´t partly due to a counter movement of intellectualism reacting to some of the teaching of the reformation. Voltaire himself wrote a book about the adventures of a superstitious and credulous young man named Candide which is basically a rebuttal of the hyper determinism doctrine found in Calvinistic theology. That is why it is so important and essential to stick to the teachings of the Word without adding men´s words and highfalutin ideas. The Gospel and a changed life are the best tools to introduce the Savior to lost sinners.
    Blessings to you and the family


    • I watched the video. They really didn’t tell us anything, though, did they? Other than “you need to read this book”. I guess I have to buy the book to find out just exactly what his point is. He is clearly a Jew, but I can’t find anything online that tells me Lipkin is a Messianic Jew, but he does apparently a lot of speaking in Christian venues and churches. The comparison of the tefillin with the ka-aba as being related somehow, and to insinuate that Christians and Jews need to conquer Mecca, I don’t know. He was born in America, served in the IDF, worked in international commerce, and the government press office of Israel. He has been on the Manning Report a couple of times. It is interesting, though, that he openly says that Obama is seeking the destruction of Israel, as a Muslim, and how Obama has been compared to a particular Pharaoh, while some even believe he is a reincarnation or clone of a Pharaoh, and the timing of this, and the Exodus movie, etc.


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