Madness and the Reprobate Mind

Warning: immodest female images (Human Barbie), some mature subject matter, viewer discretion advised. I do not recommend viewing all of the more offensive (linked) videos through their entirety.

This past summer I did a post entitled “Is Anra Mainyu (Abbadon/Apollyon) rising?”  In it I mentioned a product listed on EBay with it’s own category, called a “reborn”.

The word reborn immediately brought “new age-y” vibes, but when I saw the first listings, it was just extremely life-like miniature creations sculpted in clay in extreme detail, down to little hairs, and fingernails.  But then I saw more creepy and down-right sinister “dolls” offered in the category.

Monday I watched a video (1:22:00) in which Chuck Missler details the “New World Order” plans for trans-humanism, goal of the “singularity” and how that may pertain to the Mark of the Beast, and “The Lie/strong delusion (2 Thess 2:11).”

His actual address is under an hour, and then there is a Q&A, which I recommend you view at the end as well. He touched on the fact that our own U.S. Government has classified what they know about Roswell/UFO’s and inter-dimensional beings even more “top secret” than any of our atomic defense capabilities.  (Saw the video on The Surf Report on WordPress ).

I actually had scheduled a draft to post the video on my blog yesterday.  I was sick and didn’t spend much time online, so I only just noticed the video did not post.  Can’t find the draft, even! But anyway, though I am cautious with guys like Missler and Horn, who seem to spend an inordinate amount of time focused on the evil and demonic aspects of the coming tribulation, almost to a point that the evil is glorified or at least more focused on than Christ and the gospel, (particularly in Tom Horn’s case), I think it is important for people to realize that there is less and less bother on the part of those with a NWO agenda, to try and conceal the fact that they are not only aware that supernatural malevolent beings not only exist but are the very means by which they intend to subdue the whole world.

The problem is, the supernatural powers and the “secret knowledge” and power they have extended to these elites, (and that includes many in Hollywood and the music industry), doesn’t come free, and what’s more, most of it will never be delivered.

People all over the world are aware our world is nearing a major critical moment of some sort. That is, the ones that have not already succumbed to madness.

“And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient” (Romans 1:28)

“Now as Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, so do these also resist the truth: men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the faith.” (2Timothy 3:8)

“They profess that they know God; but in works they deny him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate.” (Titus 1:16)

What is a reprobate mind?  Well, it is what you end up with, when you wilfully close your ears to what God “hath said” (via His Word, the Bible) because you don’t like what He said, and thus you reject Him and His authority over you , as God, preferring to occupy that role in your own life.

Daniel chapter 4 gives an account of a powerful king (Nebuchadnezzar)  who was at the height of his dominance, over the Babylonian Empire, and had so much pride that he had an image made of himself, of gold, which he decreed everyone in the kingdom would be required to bow down to.

God sent the king a dream in which he showed the king a “great tree in the midst of the earth”, that was tall, and strong, and could be seen from anywhere on the Earth, it’s leaves were beautiful, it was fruitful and plentious for feeding those of the earth, and the beasts of the field took shelter under it, while the birds of the air were nourished by it.

Then a watcher and holy one from heaven came down, and cut the tree down, broke off the branches, and scattered the fruit, along with the beasts and birds that had benefitted from it.

The holy one speaking in the dream decreed that the stump was to be left, with a band of iron and brass (symbols of judgment throughout the Bible) in the tender grass, and let it be wet with the dew of heaven and his portion be with the beasts in the grass, and let his heart be changed from a man’s to that of a beast until seven times pass over him.  Verses 28-30 tell us all these things did occur to the King, and why. Daniel was the one whom God used to interpret the dream so that King Nebuchadnezzar was clear that this was a warning, and he was given a whole year to repent, but he did not, which is why the seven years of madness went forward.

When we pridefully attempt to usurp God’s glory, and His place, He will not share His Glory.  Powerful people and those who seek power often speak the way Nebuchadnezzar did:

 “As the king was walking on the roof of the royal palace of Babylon, he said, ‘Is not this the great Babylon I have built as the royal residence, by my mighty power and for the glory of my majesty?’

Now this is a pretty content-dense post. When I do one of these, I often won’t post for the next day or two, because I know my blog is not the only stop on most readers’ surf through the sites they want to keep up with when they sit down to catch up on the latest. But today I am asking you to take the time to digest this, whether you are a born-again believer, or someone who has never set foot in a church.

Because I think if you landed here, it is because you are looking for answers as to what is going on in our world today.

It seems to me, that “madness” is very much on the rise. That makes sense, as more and more kick God out of schools, the public square, and even many of the churches.

I want to show you some phenomena that to me, are stark evidence of this rise in madness. We all see the beheading stories, and have seen or heard about the various cannibal attacks, things attributed to drugs, or extremist religious beliefs, but I want to draw your attention to something a little less hard-core, but no less bizarre and irrational. We all know that the popularity of fantasy role-playing games (virtual) have been around a while and are extremely popular with some, but now it would seem the virtual is not gratifying enough anymore, and folks have started bringing it out into their everyday life.

The “reborns” I wrote about before? There was much more to that craze than I realized, but in the last couple of days, I learned a bit more about that. Some of you have probably seen the “Human Barbie” and “Human Ken” dolls, on YouTube.  The phenomenon of the “Reborns”, gets even creepier. Apparently these grown adult women, when asked, will say “I know it isn’t a real baby, I am under no delusion, I just like doing this”. What is shown in the videos is these adult women taking these custom-made fake but very life-like babies, around with them as they would a real baby, all the mandatory equipment that goes with having a baby, is part of the role-playing as well. In one video, the “mother” was interviewed, and looks to be mid-to-late forties, along with her husband, who apparently at first, wasn’t too keen on this new “interest” his wife had taken up, but now, he’s just accepted it. The mother states that she and her husband just got to having fun as a couple after they got married, and didn’t get to the point they wanted the fun to stop, so the kids never came along. She said that left her with still having that maternal instinct, so this fulfills that for her. Video shows the fake “parents” pushing a pram through the aquarium, and taking the “baby” out to show him the fish in the tank, etc. of the “pig-baby” reborn from previous post

Another video depicts a woman who lays out a blanket in a park, under a nice shade tree, sets up her video to capture her time with her “baby” in which she talks to the camera and describes the adorable new outfit she just picked up, and she proceeds to handle the “baby” as if it were real, and changing “it” into the new outfit, calling the doll by name, etc.

Now, if you watched the Chuck Missler video linked above, you can see just how this kind of thing proves that many people are very “ripe” for believing a global delusion that the Bible tells us is going to come, and will effect all those who reject the truth of God, as provided for mankind in the Holy Bible. In the Bible, God reveals Himself to man, and establishes that He is our Creator, provides us with the history of Creation and of mankind.

But there are a whole lot of people today who already believe lies of evolution, and lies being told about the Bible and God Himeself. Some of those people may already be “given over” but only God knows who those might be. Remember that with King Nebuchadnezzar, God allowed madness to prevail over him and reduced him to the mentality and demeanor of an animal, but it was for the purpose of convincing Nebuchadnezzar of the truth of God’s Sovereignty. Every one will know this as a certain and undisputed fact, some day. It’s just that those who don’t accept it now while we remain in the age of Grace, will already have sealed their eternal destiny of separation from God.

Yes, bad things are coming in this world. And God is trying to give you a chance to avoid the wrath that is about to be poured out over the wicked, and those who reject Christ and the Atonement he died to secure. God doesn’t send you to hell for being a sinner. The unpardonable sin is unbelief and rejecting the sacrifice made for you at such a cost.

Look at some of these links and images, and let me just say to you, if you find yourself tormented in some way that makes you wonder if you are “losing it”, yes, there are legitimate mental medical conditions, but those conditions, like any areas of vulnerability, become prime targets of the demonic and malevolent supernatural realm. Sin nature, our own depravity, is the enemy to our own soul. Satan has permission from God, dominion over you, if you have not come to salvation in Jesus, and as these demonic and reprobate practices surge to higher levels, you will be more and more susceptable to them. Again, I emphasize, and reiterate, that is not an insinuation that things such as Bipolar, Schizophrenia, Depression, etc, are demonic. Go up into my tabs at the top and read more about me, and you will know that is not where I am coming from. It is quite simply getting darker in this world. The third phenomenon involves yet another kind of doll-related concept, referred to as “Living Dolls”, a new twist on cross-dressing.

This is madness! This is the product of a reprobate mind!  If you are into any of this, get out!  You need Jesus!

Human  Barbie and Ken vids linked above. There are several people doing this.  Valeria Lukyanova professes all sorts of odd beliefs, reincarnation, astral projection and self-hypnosis.


(Apparently this isn’t new.  Some vids six years old,)

Grayson is Sick (taking fake baby to the doctor)

 My Fake Baby

HuffPo: Secrets of the Living Dolls

Heterosexual men “Masquing” (viewer discretion advised)

MaskingMasqueingMasked Mantvirus living dollIn the video this screenshot came from, the “masker” used the word “reborn” for what he felt when he donned this get-up.

Is there a “rebirth” coming for all of mankind? The only true re-birth is to be Born again in Christ Jesus.


Here is a good sermon by Chris Hodges related to the topic of not giving God proper place and glory :