What is Revcom.us seen here on these NY protestor’s mass-produced signs?

NYprotestors for Fergeson

I have tried to track down the original source of this image, so that I can properly credit it.  It has appeared in many blogs and discussion threads, and in the Independent Sentinal in a guest post, with similar images also in a story by Sara Noble in which ties to De Blasio and Obama also are mentioned, but all without credit to source

H/T Barbara Bliss

Photo is from a forwarded e-mail on the subject.

NYprotestors for Fergeson2revcom.us

click link below to find out:


It touts itself as the voice of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA

It is led by this guy: Bob Avakian chairman RCPUSA

Bob Avakian.  Born in D.C., raised in Berkley, California.  That’s enough said, already, but here’s more, a screen-capture from his Wikipedia page:




One article in the Boston Globe, states this:

And so he remains in exile, a man persecuted in his own land.

Except he isn’t. All charges against Bob Avakian were dropped in 1982, as he admits in his book. But the chairman is still on the run, even if nobody is chasing him.

There is a fine line between paranoia and narcissism, and some people live on both sides of it. As the chairman slips further into obscurity, the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, has become ever more clearly a cult of personality focused on him.

Remember the reprobate mind I was telling you about in the last post? Yeah, it’s alive and well, and more prevalent than people realize.

America has formally rejected God.  It will only get worse.

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