The Winged Sun

As seen on BytheBloodoftheLamb

I featured posts relating to Niburu a couple of years back, but had not picked that particular thread back up again in recent months when there was again a surge in internet “chatter” about it due to the fact that the image of it is unblocked in Google sky that had been blocked for about seven or eight years.

I am featuring it now, due to the fact that the seal of King Hezekiah features the imagery of the winged sun or winged disk, and it is representative of the Kingdom of Judah. As signs in the heavens go, it is interesting that this should become a phenomenon once again at a time when we believe that Israel draws near to her salvation, which is the ultimate purpose of the tribulation.  Hezekiah tore down the pagan temples and groves, destroyed the idols and re-opened the Jewish temple, reinstated the Passover and Judah experienced revival under his reign. He became proud, and sickness befell him that was “sickness unto death” and God sent the prophet Isaiah to warn him that he would die.  But Hezekiah repented and pled for his life, and God granted him fifteen more years.  He gave him the sign that his prayers were answered, by moving the sun backward by ten degrees, visible to Hezekiah on the sundial as it took place.