Call to repentance gone unheeded

I have not written anything myself for a while. Mostly because I have been trying to reconcile myself to the fact that beyond a shadow of a doubt, America has passed the point of no return, and God’s hand of protection will no longer cover us as a nation, and crying out to Him to prepare us for what must lie ahead.

I read the Anita Ditman story “Trapped in Hitler’s Hell” today. In the same way that I put off reading Foxx’s Book of Martyrs after I had ordered it, I waited quite some time before I finally ordered this book and read it. I don’t like to contemplate the unpleasant prospect of destruction falling on America, but we cannot deny that it is overdue. We know that God will always provide sustenance for His own, and He will go with us through every trial, making it bearable. But the wrath of God will fall upon America for our turn from Israel as a nation, and for becoming a curse to the Apple of His eye. America has been in such outright rebellion against the Lord, for such a long time, and to such an extent, that even in this age of Grace, there are limits to His patience with us.

Humanism has saturated our culture, and even the most vigilant Christians cannot help but be influenced by it in ways we possibly aren’t even aware of. So it is a time for searching ourselves, and presenting ourselves before the Lord for examination and pleading with Him to reveal any sins that we may have committed even without conscious awareness of their offense before God. It is a time for yielding to Him, asking for boldness and power in the Holy Spirit.

I think this sermon by David Reagan is appropriate for this moment. Jesus is coming soon. It is past time to have your personal spiritual house in order.

The days turn into weeks, and the weeks flow into years, and our longing for deliverance spills from our eyes in salty tears.

We recall beloved faces of ones who’ve gone before, and imagine that glorious moment when we’ll unite on Heaven’s shore

Even as the tide of evil rises swiftly on this Earth, weary pilgrims tread the narrow way in faith it will all be worth

Every trial and each sorrow, every disappointment here, as each beleaguered footfall brings our Home one more footstep near

And that sweet rest our Lord has promised that remaineth for His people, which we have merely glanced in shadow as we worshipped under steeple

Is but a tiny portion of the inheritance that awaits Christ’s beloved Bride just past the jeweled gates

From every tribe and nation, every kindred and each tongue, God will gather us together and unite us with His Son, and the Bridegroom will present His unspotted perfect bride, to a world freed from the curse, and He’ll take His rightful throne.

Upon the throne of David, He shall rule with iron rod, for one thousand years of peace in His Kingdom under God.

There will be one last uprising of untested carnal man, but then that great deceiver shall meet his very final end, and no more shall evil enter heart of angels nor of men.

Hail King Jesus! King of the Jews, Messiah, Lord of Lords!

Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God almighty, Who was, and is, and is to come. Worthy is the Lamb!

We do not welcome suffering and persecution, but if we must pass through them to reach that glorious day, then we will trust Him not because our faith is large, but because His faithfulness is unwavering.