Wake Up America: Democrats at War with We The People

Comment By S.T. Lloyd:  The Republicans are not exactly our allies either.

This article is written by Lloyd Marcus

Please forgive me for sounding like a doting dad, but I was blessed to watch my adult daughter play softball in the world series. I beamed with pride as the out fielders backed up when she came to bat. However, what I am about to report will further entrench me as a traitor in the minds of other blacks in my family.My wife Mary alerted me to the latest horrific incident of the Knockout Game that was ignored by the mainstream media. In New Jersey, a black thug knocked out an unsuspecting defenseless white woman. In Baltimore, 50 black teens almost beat a 61 year old white man to near-death which was again hidden from most Americans. My former employer WJZ-TV Baltimore refused to mention that the attackers were black in their coverage. And yet, race is the first thing out of reporters’ mouths in those rare incidences in which whites assault blacks. Stats show that blacks assault whites far more that vice versa.

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    We might as well forget any help from the main street media as we witness at the last Republican debate. Our best hope is the 2016 election so that hopefully we can elect Trump; and, with his attitude, I think he will work to get the right people in the Justice Dept. This person we now have is a disgrace to our country and the laws.


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