They signed up for “affordable care” but because Medicaid expansion stripped out the asset test, they were in for this financial shocker!

(This is also true in the state of Virginia where I live, by the way. How about where you live?–S.T. Lloyd)


 Rick Rayburn of Rutledge, Minn. points to the paperwork he was given when signing up for MNSure health insurance. After signing up for the insurance Rick and his wife Rose were placed on medical assistance. Once on MA, without notification from the State of Minnesota, liens were placed on their property to recover the costs of the insurance. (Clint Austin /


WILLOW RIVER — Scott Killerud was about to throw away a mailing about the 2016 enrollment period for MNsure last November when something caught his eye.
“Just as I was going to drop it in the trash, I was like — wait a second. What did I just read?” the Pine County farmer said.

What caught his eye was a notification that if you’re 55 or older and on Medical Assistance — Minnesota’s version of Medicaid — the state places an estate claim with which to recover its costs after you and your spouse have died.

Killerud was younger than 55, but his wife, Ellen, had reached that age the previous September. The couple, who supplement their farm income with part-time jobs, were told when they signed up for insurance through MNsure in 2014 that their income level qualified them for Medical Assistance.

But they didn’t know about the estate claim until Scott saw that mailing.

“I thought, ‘Can this really be?’ ” Scott Killerud said, as he and Ellen sat with a reporter around the dining room table in their modest home east of Interstate 35 and south of Willow River. “And then I did some research online, and I made some phone calls, and I found out that was, in fact, the case.”

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