One of those rare days

Today was one of those rare days. Perfect in it’s simplicity.  We made the one-hour trip to visit a loved one in the hospital, and then enjoyed a stroll down small-town Main Street.  The kind that looks about the same in all the small towns.  Ate at a Mom and Pop café, and the weather was comfortable without jackets.

When we got home, there was nothing pressing,  so I worked on some projects, with the doors and a couple of windows open, and could hear kids voices carrying in from outside nearby.

Being out of our own town, and visiting someone elderly and in that final decline, the small town stroll, along with the perfect weather, just combined to bring back memories of loved ones that are gone, times past, and yet the cycle of life, one generation goes from middle age to the sunset years, and we are moving up behind them to our middle years, while the kids are starting out in early adulthood.

As a Christian who knows we are going home in the not too distant future, it felt nice to just enjoy the day with my husband, and not be stressed or too sad, and also knowing that the old places we passed, some of them looking pretty run-down and dilapidated, all of that is passing away, and even as I have lived for Spring through long winters for many years, the anticipation of the next season of the Christian life, the one after this Earth, that just made the day that much sweeter.

Just imagine!  Any moment now.  Whether going about the housework, or at your job, whether  in bed asleep, or even in church tomorrow morning, some day very soon, that trumpet is going to blow, and it’s going to really happen!  We are going to lift off from here, and every weight of trouble will just fall away.  That elderly  Christian in the nursing home, will suddenly be clear-minded again, and able-bodied.

That parent or other loved one that you miss so much, will be there waiting for you to catch up with them in the air.  It’s one of those nights tonight, when I will lay down my head and sleep a very sweet sleep.

I know that there is a campaign going on, and all sorts of terrible stuff in this world.  We write and read about them every day.  These are signs that reassure us that all God said will happen, is in process of readiness to take place, and it’s going to be amazing when we leave this old word behind.

All the blooms of Spring, all the breezes and green, all the extra hours of sunlight, all that is good about Spring, new beginnings, that hope is just a meager foretaste of the newness of life we will have in Heaven.

I hope that you sometimes let yourself just contemplate heaven.  We don’t know much about what it is like, since the Bible doesn’t give a lot of specifics.  But we do know that all that is good that we know here, can’t even come close to giving us any idea of how good eternity is going to be.

I have longed for heaven since I first got saved when I was 9.  Through life’s difficulties and sorrows, heaven was always the consolation, knowing in the end, no matter what we have to face here, that’s where we get to go, if we are born again, blood-washed followers of Christ Jesus.  We get to go be with Him!  And all the family, so many we haven’t even met yet, including great-great-great-grandparents.  And Noah, and Moses, and Elijah, and Paul, and Mary and Joseph.

I don’t know about you, but that “rest” sounds awfully good right about now.

But for tonight, and until the appointed time, we continue on, and remain thankful for all the blessings God continues to bestow even now.  Thank you, Lord, for the rare sweet days, even when there is so much to mourn in this world.  Thank you for the hope that comes with knowing that my sins are forgiven and you have a whole other life in store that I can’t even begin to imagine.  To be young again, and strong.  To run, and to never be weary.

What a good day will that eternal day be!




6 thoughts on “One of those rare days

  1. Thank you so much for these beautiful words of your heart… the mirror my thoughts exactly this past while and as I have been simply being a part of the young and old lives around me and the changing of the seaons, I await with confidence that great and glorious day of His coming. I have little grandkids playing around me and old folk being loved as they go on ahead and each day is one day closer. Blessings dear one ~


  2. What a sweet blog today! I totally understand how you feel. We have to occupy in this life and grab “normalcy” when we can. All the people I have sent this on to have appreciated it greatly.
    The skies are sunny here today in Eastern Washington State. I am thankful for every good day that I have, storing up memories for the days ahead that might be darker.


    • It was a sweet day! Something in it that is so hard to capture and name with words, but the essence is that it sort of took me back to childhood and innocence, and a time before adulthood and the heaviness of life that can set in for one who is an alien here and groans within of homesickness for a place we have never yet been.


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