Hey Ya’ll!

In my menu at the top of the home page, under my personal writings,  is a heading labeled “The Morning Glory Memoirs”.  Back when I wrote “Purple Morning Glories and Gold Lady Bugs” it was a place to tell my story.  As this blog has developed over the years, my focus shifts from time to time, and I have written on a lot of different things.  It can be hard to know just how to arrange things when you have an array of things that are diverse and not always exactly related one-to-the-other.  So from time to time I move stuff around.  Like a household that grows, expands, then maybe shrinks over the years, odds and ends collect and most homes don’t look like pages out of an Interior Design magazine.  In fact, a lot of times Interior Designers get paid a lot of money to actually make a house look homey by injecting quirky and unrelated items and making them all work together into something one could call a style or statement.

Ok, stop.  I’m experiencing a wordy day.  My point is this; I continue to write pieces from time to time which are just my thoughts.  Not on the news, not on end-times topics, but just as a  Christian.  Morning Glory Memoirs is a collection of those “pieces” I write from time to time just from the overflow of my mind.  I never highlighted this feature of the blog, because I wanted to get a few articles written first, and establish a flow and see how often they come around because people like to have some sort of expectation and anticipation and so I can tell you that thus far, it’s been an ever-couple-of-months thing for me.  So this will be a feature of the blog that you can just check, once in a while, to see if there are new labels on that drop-down menu.

I am not a computer person, and so “formatting” and Search Engine Optimization, and any other applicable terms about how I should arrange my content and present it here, while I am sure infinite better ways exist, are sort of lost on me as to my aspirations and purposes here.  For instance, I know, on my wider-screen laptop, that when I pull up my home page, and go to those dropdowns in the menu that I mentioned, I have to decrease my screen to about 50 percent just to see all of the items that are on that menu.  I know that means some people are clicking on that drop-down item, and seeing only three additional items when there may be twelve.  It is unfortunate, but I don’t know what to tell you if you are in the same boat, or if you typically view my blog on some other gadget like a tablet or smart phone.  I don’t own either of those and therefore have no idea of the whole other body of terminology and nifty capabilities that go along with that.

If you are a reader who has expertise in these things and wants to offer to serve the Lord in  doing things to make the site more versatile and compatible across other techno-gadgets, shoot me an email if you want via the Contact S.T. Lloyd form.  Otherwise, my apologies to anyone who deals with any frustration that may be caused by an advancement in technology which this blogger is not keeping pace with.  Ha.  No one complained or anything, I just thought I’d throw that in there.

This here blog has no pretensions.  God makes majestic wonders such as the Aurora Borealis and He makes homely little toads and bugs with lights on their butt.  They all have a place and purpose.

So, if you are masochistic enough to wonder what all else goes on in this strange brain of mine, click on the Morning Glory Memoirs.  There are now links at the end of each entry to take you to the next one.  This will be a very “occasional” feature that I will add to whenever the Spirit moves me.  Which could sometimes mean one new entry a year or twenty five new ones in a month.  That’s just how it is around here.  Deal with it.