What will it be like?

You know the FEMA video that shows people floating around as if gravity has ceased, and then asks “are you ready?”.

FEMA with the camps, martial law, the New World order.  The Illuminati. The plan for a global government.

You know Satan is behind them, and Satan knows scripture.  What if that depiction is meant to literally represent the moment of the Rapture?  I imagine Satan knows the physics and dynamic of what God will do to seemingly bend the laws of physics in that moment.  He observed other “catching away” events in the Bible.  It is not inconceivable that in the course of mentally preparing people to believe a deception about that moment, that Satan might inspire such imagery for purposes of pointing back to that when people try to make sense of the disappearances.

When the Bride is taken, will God suspend gravity?  Will everything and everyone not otherwise tied down,  all just sort of float for a second like that weightless feeling you get when your car goes over a sudden rise and goes nearly airborne for an instant?  Long enough to break the hold and for those of us who are going up, to change in the twinkling of an eye into that form that is like that of the risen Christ, and then everyone who is staying will fall back to Earth as gravity takes hold again?

No one can possibly create a depiction of the Rapture, however, here are two videos that do succeed in capturing in some form, an “essence” of what the experience may be like.  Remember that “while they are saying peace and safety, sudden destruction will come”.  I have said many times that I believe instead of a series of things, probably simultaneous with the rapture, a bunch of things will happen at once.  Major Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, instability of the Earth and atmosphere in multiple forms, the economic collapse, etc.

The first video doesn’t try to visually depict everything, which is probably wise, but rather gives “snapshot” type images along with descriptions of what the Bible tells will happen.

If you’ve seen the God’s Not Dead movie and the sequel, you will recognize some folks in this next video.  They have depicted a rather protracted event, though the Bible tells us it will be in the twinkling of an eye.  Still, for the Believer, this video at least partially succeeds in capturing the majesty and beauty of what that moment represents for us.