What Charles Lawson has to say about the Mandela Effect

You guys know I brought this up a while back, when I first heard about it.  The Mandela Effect.  I think that Pastor Lawson does a good job here.  I believe that this Mandela Effect is part of the mind games Satan is playing now in the preparation for the coming Great Delusion.  Think of that thing that went around back in the beginning of the year in 2015, about the color of the dress.  I have also noticed in the last decade or so, that communication is getting really messed up via the internet (e-mail), twitter, etc.  Satan is the Prince of the Power of the Air.  Everything on radio, television, cell phone, internet, passes through that realm, and I believe he does plenty of tinkering with it between point A and point B.

Well, here is Pastor Lawson.  He doesn’t talk about the Mandela Effect the whole time.  But it is a powerful sermon.

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