Another one for the “Insanity files” category

Man, Satan can’t stand for there to be anything good or wholesome.  I can’t wait until the day we are delivered from this cesspit!

An adult “Baby Store” for those who have a “Baby Fetish”.  The name of the store is “Tykables” and it’s now open in  Mt. Prospect, Illinois.  It caters to clientele whom the owner refers to as “Adult Babies” or people who just like to wear adult diapers.  And of course also to those who legitimately have a medical need to wear adult diapers.  Should you feel inclined, you can see the prime-time news report  HERE along with a video of the diaper-wearing owner.   A search of the topic “Adult Baby” on YouTube yielded over 500 results, which does not count the  numerous alternate keywords  under which the subject  matter can be found. Just the still-shot at the beginning of some of the videos gives enough of an indication what this “fad” progresses to, as if the baby store owner is fooling anyone about that question.