The Consolidation of Everything

I have a love-hate relationship with Wal-Mart.  I figure a lot of people do.  Why?  Well, for the “convenience” of getting everything you need in one place, what other company can compare? But I hate that going to Wal-Mart is something akin to taking a hiking excursion on the Appalachian Trail, minus the beautiful scenery.  By the time I visit all the various departments of the store, plus throw in 2 or three loop-backs for things I forgot, and the arduous trek through the parking lot, I will have walked a 2 or 3 miles before it is over and done with.

But there is a pattern in this Wal-Mart concept that is being increasingly replicated elsewhere.  Specifically in terms of money, power, and influence, in government, in banking, in politics, but also in morality, spirituality, and general consciousness.

The scriptures tell us that many will run to and fro, and knowledge will increase in the last days.  How else can the totality of these things be measured if not consolidated?

This morning I got an earlier start than usual, of going through my inbox.  Along with subscriptions to various newsletters and websites, come the dreaded promotions.  It used to be Porter Stansbury with his presentations you can’t click out of without responding to multiple inquiries of “are you sure you wish to leave this page?” Today via GOPUSA there was a new face and name.  One Michael Robinson, pitching tech stock for a thing called “Neural Imprinting” with the teaser that “Silicon Valley’s Biggest CEO” (Mark Zuckerberg) just  made a surprise visit to a low-key tech conference full of 1,500 ordinary developers and programmers, and invested $2.1 Billion in a new technology the market for which, according to analysts, is expected to grow over 13,000% in the next three years”.

This is supposed to get me excited about growing my stock portfolio in preparation for hard times ahead.  Like the postcard in my mail box from some company promising to get me out of my Time Share.  There are a couple of problems with these marketing concepts, one being, I don’t have a stock portfolio nor a Time Share.

What is Neural Imprinting?  Well, I’ll put it in simple terms.  In my nursing education, we learned about a concept called Gate Block Theory.  The principle is that there are limited gateways for signals to enter the brain, and if you tie up all of those incoming “lines” then when the pain impulse is trying to get through, it is going to encounter a “busy signal” thereby diminishing the body’s perception of pain.  Some applications of the principle might include administering massage to a mom in labor prior to her transition phase, or playing relaxing music and concentrating on “your happy place” while the podiatrist works on your ingrown toenail.

Neural Imprinting takes this concept into the technological realm with the use of virtual reality.  VR has been used in a wide range of applications from training pilots and astronauts, to video gaming, and interior design.  In the case of Neural Imprinting, however, aim is focused on pain control, and it is like  Gate Block theory “on steroids”.

Working at over 822 times the speed of thought, Neural Imprinting promises to be the most influential breakthrough in medicine of this decade.  It will save burn victims from excruciating pain in life-saving procedures, war hero amputees from phantom limb sensations and pain, and cancer-sufferers from untold amounts of suffering.  It promises to unleash a $2.86 Trillion wave of new wealth, and a 66% growth in the company that owns the tech. The price for this tech in an accessible form, has already dropped as more people invest, from thousands of dollars to under $400.  Some “cardboard” versions of this, mostly applicable to gaming, would bring it down to under $30.

Pain is Perception!

Power of suggestion! Virtual worlds are indistinguishable from reality.  Burnt and bandaged hand is now a whole and healthy had holding a snow ball.  The pain is temporary, and the neural imprinter reacts in real time to go along with what the patient’s own mind tells this VR “hand” to do.  It gives the patient the actual experience of being whole, healed, pain-free.  It works in fibromyalgia and chronic migraine.  This VR tech interrupts the pain signals where they originate; in the brain. It reduces fibro pain by 76%. Post-op pain management tests show great promise, as do applications in dentistry!  Lower pain equals lower anxiety as well.  Pain management is a HUGE portion of the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

The heart and soul of these devices are the “Virtual Processing Unit”.  This is the modern generation of the old CPU’s.  As stated before, this VPU creates these virtual alternate worlds faster than our imagination can.  Much faster!  822 times faster!  Right now the CPU on your computer, is receiving input via the internet signal.  The CPU is what processes that signal into a form you can “consume” be it video or a webpage.  The VPU utilizes parallel processing (over 8 billion processors) to manage exponentially more pieces of data than what a CPU is capable of processing, and can perform 300 trillion tasks PER SECOND!  This allows it to create 360 degree, three dimensional responsive worlds in real time.  So you are fully immersed in an experience instead of watching it like a video. It is hardly even an adequate comparison, but let’s say  this tech is to I-Max what I-Max is to the first silent movies!  The imagery you see, responds in real-time to your brain.  As you turn your head, the VR is created so that you see the view change, while the direction of sounds will also subtly change with the move of your head.  Because the sensation and “feedback” happens so fast, the brain instantly accepts it as “REALITY” and reacts accordingly.  This has huge potential implications in medical imaging.

This is also the same technology that makes self-driving cars possible.  Imagine going to a huge concert in the heart of downtown in whatever large city you live near, and instead of parking in a deck a mile or two away, and hoofing it, your car lets you off at the venue and parks itself in an unoccupied spot three miles out.  When your concert ends, you call the car on your smartphone, and it meets you at the door again.

Really, the information from what is essentially a decently researched sales pitch, is merely one more example of this “consolidation of everything”.  The end-game for generating wealth is that the wealth trickles up to guys like Zuckerberg.  The higher up the chain, the richer you are, like in the Pyramid Schemes of selling.

As technology brings information like this right into the palms of the hands of even the poorest person, it gives the illusion of opportunity.  I mean, thirty years ago, did the average person know how or have a way to buy gold?

What the internet and social media have done, is to consolidate all knowledge and create a fairly universal access to it.  Yay mankind! Right?  Well, hold on.  What electromagnetics discoveries were to communications (the telegraph) the late 1800s, led to radio and it’s influences and impact in the early 1900’s, and to the first television set (Bell Telephone Labs) in 1927 and the first television station broadcasting by G.E. in Schenectady, NY in 1928.

There were very early precursors to the modern computer, going back to the Abacus in 2400 B.C.  The first rudimentary “computer” was designed by Charles Babbage of England in 1833(2).

Then old Al Gore invented the internet.  No, actually, the internet can’t really be traced to a single “inventor”, although gives credit to the U.S. Government (3.):

 The Internet got its start in the United States more than 50 years ago as a government weapon in the Cold War. For years, scientists and researchers used it to communicate and share data with one another.

Not unlike our present situation, a Soviet Threat seems to have spurred this development upon their launch of Sputnik in the late fifties.  Sputnik was a tiny satellite and as far as we know, didn’t really pose much of a threat, however, it did inspire greater focus on science and tech in America, and a concern for the susceptibility of America’s telephone communication system spurred an M.I. T. and A.R.P.A. scientist by the name of J.C.R. Licklider to come up with an alternate network (dubbed Arpanet) by which the government computers could communicate between themselves.  That was in 1962.  In ’65 came the concept of “packet switching”, which broke data down into “packets” and allowed each individual packet to travel a separate route from one computer to the other.  This was more secure than the initial method.  The first network crash occurred in 1969 when the message “LOGIN” was transmitted from UCLA to a computer in Stanford (the size of a small house).  The receiving computer only got the “L” and the “O”.

More computers came “online” on this network through the seventies, but integration was difficult until Vinten Cerf came up with Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) in the late seventies, and later also added Internet Protocol (IP) which is described as the means by which computers introduce themselves to one another in cyberspace. In 1991 a programmer in Switzerland (Tim Berners-Lee) introduced the “world-wide-web” and the next year, a group of students at the University of Illinois gave the world its first “browser” (3.).

We know that the Bilderberg Group, George Soros, The Illuminati are all behind consolidation of government power.  We know that the World bank is behind the consolidation of all wealth.  So even as people invest in the newest technologies, the ones really amassing wealth are those at the top of the pyramid. No wonder a pyramid is so prominent in all things “New World Order”.

Now we have the Vatican at the center of consolidation of all religious systems.  So what is going to be that capstone?  Who will be the ultimate benefactor of all this consolidation of everything?

The Antichrist.  And we, the world, sit poised on the very razor’s edge of what the world conceptualizes as “A New Age”.  That’s what the purpose was and is of the “theory of evolution”.  That’s what the purpose was and is of Socialism.  Young people completely indoctrinated for generations to accept collectivism, do not know that the only reason for pushing the concept that everything belongs to us all, is because even the most simple-minded among us realizes that if every resource has to go into one big pile, to be divided between everyone equally with everyone.  And to accomplish this, someone has to be in charge of distribution.  What they don’t consider is that once that power is handed over to that one person, who is to stop them from reneging on the agreement?  And that is exactly what is going to happen.

This world has been cultivated by our enemy Satan for thousands of years.   People alive today are have been worn down like pebbles in a stream, until everyone is as smooth and harmless  (read that “helpless” and “mindless”) as a wee pebble in the riverbed.  They are either going along chasing their promise of riches like a hamster on a wheel, or they are trapped in a welfare mindset, like baby birds squawking in the nest for mama-bird government to feed them.  Refugees from the Middle East have flooded Europe, refugees from South America and all over the world are flooding America, demanding their portion.  Conflict is rising, people-group against people-group and the ultimate prize no one really took notice of other than to harass her, is shaping up to be little old Israel.

And where has Netanyahu turned his negotiation prowess here in the past week?  Russia!

Russia has risen again in strength, while America has atrophied.  (Hot Mic Obama to Medvedev: “after my last election  I’ll have more flexibility”, and Medvedev responds: “I understand!  I will transmit this information to Vladmir”).

The question is how much more consolidation is possible?  As infrastructure of everything is also simultaneously crumbling?  Doesn’t seem like it could go on much longer.