Hi Ya’ll, crazy week last week, and who can imagine what this week will hold?

Wanted to let you guys know that this week’s sermons will be Charles Lawson’s series he did on the book of Daniel over the end of 2015.  So if you’re wanting a review, this is a good opportunity.  They’ll post early each day this week.  Six in all.

You can recognize that we are in a new phase.  I will be playing it by ear as to how much posting I do, might be a deluge, might be not as much, because I just go with what the Lord brings my attention to.  I agree with J.D. Farag that Satan is working hard against folks who are trying to obey the Lord and hates us.  I’ve definitely felt it the last couple of weeks in particular, but at the same time, the Lord continues to direct me to the stories and conclusions about the significance of these events, and we see others (definitely more qualified than myself in prophecy) confirm the significance when they do their updates.  That ain’t me, folks, that is the Holy Spirit.  Pray for me to remain attuned to that leading of the Holy Spirit and that Satan’s attempts to “run me off the road”, will be thwarted.