Real translation of the Jean-Claude Juncker statements

Hi all! My friend Jean-Louis at The Light Seed blog on BlogSpot, is a translator.  He has some insight on the statements of Jean-Claude Juncker’s conversation with the aliens, that you’ll want to read.  There’s really no question whom our aspiring world-government leaders are consulting in their plans to rule the world, nor any question whether “the delusion” is already in force.  You can view Jean-Louis’ commentary on his blog at this link:


2 thoughts on “Real translation of the Jean-Claude Juncker statements

  1. Big time delusion, Sandee … including the crazy “rationalizaton” on why Juncker said what he said!

    As Jean-Louis Mondon notes on his blog: “…the consensus was that Mr. Juncker´s incoherent ramblings and “lapsus linguae” of his confused mind were due to the trauma he suffered at the announcement of the Brexit, that took everyone by surprise.”
    ….aaaahhhh, so that’s it!

    How about another insane rambling (from 2011) by the EU Commission? I just saw a reference to it on John Haller’s update, so I checked it out and include it here for everyone’s amusement:

    “EU Bans Claim That Water Can Prevent Dehydration”…..



    • Yeah, so wonder what the “hidden message” of that one was? The age of Aquarius? Well, actually in Occult/New Age water is the symbol for the origin of life, and plays a role in Satanic possession!

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