Burlington Revival draws thousands – The Caswell Messenger: News

There is a great revival going on in Burlington, NC. The revival was originally meant to be one week long, but now it is in its 8th week. A group of people from Theresa Baptist Church in Roxboro, NC have been attending some of the revival meetings and they are excited to share some of their experiences. Chris Clayton and his wife, Dale Clayton, and their son, McKenzie Clayton; Wanda Jo Oakley and her daughter, Paige Oakley; and Christopher Solomon attended the revival on the night of June 17th. Chris Clayton explained that this was a special night because Dr. Kenny Baldwin was the guest speaker. C.T. Townsend has been the main speaker but he invited Dr. Baldwin to speak to a crowd filled with youth. Chris explains that Dr. Baldwin was originally scheduled to speak at a youth conference, but he canceled his conference so it would not conflict with the Burlington revival. C.T. Townsend invited Dr. Baldwin to speak at the revival and to bring his youth conference crowd with him. Chris Clayton says that it was reported that on Thursday the 20th of June over 5,000 people attended the revival. Chris says that Dr. Baldwin preached a moving sermon about “David as King”. In his sermon, Dr. Baldwin explained that the Israelites wanted David to be their king, instead of Saul. The Israelites brought gifts to David to show their loyalty and support to David as king. Chris says that Dr. Baldwin asked the question, “What do you bring to God as King?” Dr. Baldwin explained that some people come to God and to church with their hand out empty, wanting something. But Dr. Baldwin joked that at his church everybody brings watermelon and chicken. Dr. Baldwin went on to clarify that Christians need to bring their money, time, and talents to church. This is what Chris says that he got from the Friday night sermon.

Source: Burlington Revival draws thousands – The Caswell Messenger: News