Burlington Revival – [Friday] 7/1/16 – YouTube

I tell you, I have prayed for revival in America, like many of you have.  I am thankful to hear about this fire that has taken hold in Burlington and I know that people are taking that fire back to their churches all over America and not only limited to the U.S. but from what I am hearing, there are people flying in from outside the U.S. even.  I don’t care where God decided to start it, I’m just happy to know it is happening.  Praise the Lord! You can watch the videos on YouTube by searching C.T. Townsend and  Burlington Revival on YouTube.  The following video is on the channel of Peyton Carter Reeves, and there are recordings of eight of the nights on his channel.  https://www.youtube.com/user/MrPaytonReeves/videos

I think most of them are posted somewhere, though so far I have not found one channel that has them all posted.  The revival is still ongoing, meant to be a one-week thing, now in eighth or ninth week!


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