Much needed prayer

Lord we ask Your intervention in both of these situations, for Your will to be done, for peace and comfort and healing for these men and their families, wisdom for all medical personnel who are providing their care, in the name of Jesus we ask these things.

Terry James Prophecy Line

Beloved Brother and Sisters,

Tonight I write to you with two, very special requests for prayer–in no particular order of importance.

First, I want to inform you that Dr. Tim LaHaye was reported to have suffered a severe stroke last night, and his survival is in question.

He is a dear friend and Christian brother and truly a champion for Christ like few others. Please join us in prayer for Dr. LaHaye and his family during this ordeal.

Second, I want to alert you to the knowledge that Jim Fletcher, our great friend and columnist for “Israel Watch,” at has suffered a severe injury to his eye while target shooting, when the weapon exploded because of defects.

Jim is now recovering at home, and we still do not know if his eye will be saved.  Please pray for the Lord’s healing touch and comfort during Jim’s time of suffering.

Warm regards,


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