The next call to Unify the Church: “The Gathering”?

It is being billed as a national “solemn assembly”.  It’s free but they’ve set up a donation page. 

Below are the speakers, a lot of “New Apostolic Reformation”, Dominion Theology, and other affiliations as noted in parentheses below.

  • Les Steckel
  • Anne Graham Lotz (Circle Maker Heresy)
  • Leith Anederson (Contemplative Spirituality)
  • Crawford Lorritts
  • Bryan Carter
  • James Robison (A sponsor of Beth Moore, met with the Pope along with Kenneth Copeland)
  • Lysa Terkeyurst
  • Jonathan Evans
  • Greg Laurie
  • Nick Hall  (N.A. R.)
  • Thelma Wells
  • Pastor K. Marshall Williams
  • G. Allen Jackson
  • Bishop Ray Sutton  ( Various incarnations: From Kentucky Baptist fundamentalist boy to premillenial dispensationalist from Dallas Seminary to rigorist Presbyterian-Reconstructionistic-Theonomist (do some research on James Jordan, Westminster Presbyterian to Anglo-Catholic Reformed Episcopalian)
  • Kay Athur
  • Ginger Lindsay
  • Dr. Richard Land
  • Dr. Dennis Lindsay
  • Winfred Neely
  • Kokeisha Bailey Robinson
  • Dr. Ralph Douglas West
  • Scott Wilson
  • Bishop Harry Jackson
  • Sammy Rodriguez (N.A.R.)
  • Dr. Tony Evans
  • Ronnie Floyd
  • Pastor John K. Jenkins Sr.
  • Jonathan Falwell
  • Sam Rohrer
  • Max Lucado
  • Priscilla Shirer
  • Sheila Walsh
  • Mark Bailey
  • Robert Morris (Word-Faith pastor who Calls Glenn Beck a Believer)
  • Dr. Jack Graham ( Cover-up? Crime of failure to report child abuse?)
  • Marcus and Joni Lamb (Marcus had an extramarital affair and used ministry funds to pay for the trysts)
  • Benham Brothers
  • Dr. Eric Mason (Mars Hill Church)

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