Darkness is Coming! Please Believe!

Earth is in her twilight

Heavy darkness soon will fall

Darkness fraught with brutal evil

will engulf one and all

This globe itself is groaning

Burdened with things to come

Horrific tribulation

that cant be hidden from

The cup the Bible speaks of

Filled with Creator’s wrath

Will soon be poured out

A horrific blood bath

Broad is the way

Wide the gate at it’s end

That leads to destruction

By defiant sin

“I bow my knee to no one”

“I choose my own way”

“His truth, her truth, my truth”

Is what we hear today

But, warning, tiny human

You were not there

When Almighty arranged the planets

Hung myriad stars mid-air

Nor did you witness when

With all authority

He contained with merely words

The ocean’s boundary

You cannot tell us how

He knit and formed you

In the hidden safety

Of your mother’s womb

You think this all just happened?

Everything from nothing

You think you have evolved

Yet scoff at those who know Him?

You reign in no impulse

Delight in things vile

Satan smirks in triumph

Playing you all the while

Lucifer knows something

That your ilk does not know

The destination you deny exists,

Is precisely where you’ll go

You see, disbelief of a thing

Does not stop it’s existance

The Word of God will be fulfilled

Despite the professors’ insistance.

Satan plans to take you down

He’s tricked you, don’t you see?

You’ve been duped by the father of lies

Into believing you’ve been freed

From the bands of morality

And obsolete rules

From societal mores

Poor misguided fool!

This world is Satan’s venue

Each religion and creed

Governmental institutions

For a time, his orders heed

He boldly aspires

To ascend God’s own throne

He truly believes

God can be overthrown

His efforts started back in Eden

Continued to Bethlehem

Onward still to Golgotha

Intent on thwarting God’s plan

His modus operandi

Is to steal, kill and destroy

Draw you into his delusion

Perpetuate his lies

Sinner, God would like to save you

You still could be redeemed

Simply ask Him for salvation

Let Him wash your soul clean

Because in Heaven there are records kept

And Christ Himself will judge

Every thought and every word

Every deed you’ve ever done

What gives Christ that right, you ask

Well that is the crucial question

Why should Jesus be our judge

When Heaven’s court convenes in session?

Its because He took, already

The penalty you are due

So if you decline His costly provision

Then your guilt remains on you

You prefer to take your chances

In terms of afterlife

Then you’ll have no excuse

When judgment day arrives

Full disclosure herin lies

That choice is yours to make

But consign yourself to eternal dammnation

By foregoing the singular means of escape

The fool, in his heart,

Says “there is no God”

Yet soon Christ will reign

And that with an iron rod

A thousand long years

No sin will he permit

Every infraction punished

With haste will He do it

So dear stranger please heed

This warning that I share

Run to the Savior now

From coming wrath be spared

All this messed up world has to offer only

Ends in tragedy

Your warrent is signed

And oh what weeping there will be

For those who won’t believe

And who refuse to bend the knee

In the face of His Holiness

Your guilt you will see

But by then it will be too late

To enter any plea

But today the way stands open

Soon He’ll close the gate

Once the Bridegroom comes

You will have sealed your fate.

Many will mourn upon that day

They’ll weep and moan and shout

Upon the dawning realization

That they locked their own selves out

The clock is counting down

So little time remains

I beg you, reconsider!

Call upon Jesus while daylight remains.

Coming darkness, terrible

People will pray to die,

Why would anyone choose that fate?

Their mind must not be right.

They hated the truth so confusion came in and they embraced the lie

Confess you are a sinner

Ask God to forgive

Believe Jesus shed His blood in your place

Then in power, He rose again!

Believe in your heart

Confess with your tongue

That Jesus is Lord

And then go tell someone!

One thought on “Darkness is Coming! Please Believe!

  1. Well done! I have one comment; Morality is a cheap substitute for Holiness! There will be lots of moral people in Hell! In fact Satan doesn’t mind if you’re moral, and he loves it if you’re a legalist! (Legalism is worse than drunkenness! Legalists think they are doing God’s work, but at least drunks know they are sinners!)

    He hates Holiness, however, because it reminds him of everything he is not!


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