LORD, speak

Every time that I sit down at this blog to write, it is always in the hope that the Lord will use it for His purposes. Posts that I just ‘free-write” are most often the ones that move people to comment or contact me, because it resonated with something specific within themselves or with something they are currently going through.

As the years of blogging have gone by, this “platform” has addressed a very wide range of topics. But the purpose never changes. The purpose is to share with whomsoever happens to land here, my faith, and the gospel of Jesus, to inform all, encourage believers, and warn the lost.

Being neither Bible scholar, nor professional writer. all that is offered here summed together, amounts to the proverbial widows mite.

I am no more spiritual than any other born again believer, and every bit as sinful. I falter and fail, in turns I have stumbled or soared.

This blog is different from any other. It was devoted to the Lord from the outset, and any blessing, encouragement, help or hope that anyone gained hereby, was God’s doing, and not my own. Conversely, any mistakes are on me.

I feel led to write in a heart-to-heart manner today. I don’t ever concern myself with who, if anyone, reads each post. In fact, I have prayed that if I ever post misinformation or material with potential to cause confusion or lead anybody astray, that God would simply make that inaccessible or invisible.

There have been times when I would try to post something, and clearly the enemy didn’t want it to happen. Glitch after glitch, and frustration to the brink of throwing up my hands in defeat, generally persuaded me how important it is to get any particular post up. On the flip side, when I struggle to write, to form coherent thoughts and sentences, I know to take it as a sign that I should abandon that specific post or draft. When the Lord is speaking, it comes quick and easy and all in one piece, finished. The differences are subtle, and discerning them requires consulting with the Lord.

I used to view prayer in a way similar to how a business meeting is conducted, there being a specific agenda, and specific items or topics to cover. And there is nothing wrong with scheduled, methodical prayer. Many occasions, circumstances or needs call for it. However, that “pray without ceasing” kind of prayer is the kind I believe the Lord enjoys the most, and is so vital to our spiritual health.

When I call someone on the phone, there are naturally gaps in the conversation, and subjects may change often and abruptly. But it is organic, un-rehearsed, and fresh. Even if I lay the phone down and walk away for a little while, the line stays open and I remain connected to the other party. If I scream, they will hear. If I laugh, they will likely ask what was so funny when I return to the phone. This is the kind of call we share with family or close friends. That is, imho, what prayer without ceasing means. Constant chatter of our thoughts, concerns, needs with the Lord, taking Him with us wherever we go, turning to ask Him a question, or to share a thought, to say “thank you”, and yes, as He brings things to mind, praying about stuff in real-time.

When we make prayer a slot in our day, it can tend to feel like another item on our too-long “to do” list.

For whatever reasons, (my medical conditions, being out of the workforce, stress of modern life, or the aging process), my synapses no longer fire as efficiently, orderly, or rapidly as they once did. I suspect it is a combination of factors, but point being; everything I do is slower, harder, more fatiguing, more challenging than even the average 53-year-old.

Those things said, I now turn to topics related to the prophetic times we are living in.

First off, God is doing some sorting right now. Though I don’t post as much, the Lord still leads me to the important stuff and guides me on what to pass along. I think readers should know that I am consistently hearing from and hearing of believers that are weary, feel under personal spiritual attack, and more ready every day for the Lord to hasten His return. For a while, I was a little worried that my urgency was diminishing. But despite my concern, I have had such peace and conviction that it is as it should be at this juncture. Some of that conviction is accompanied by and confirmed by a sense that a majority of those who are reachable via this platform, already “get it” and know what time and season it is. Those who still don’t get it, aren’t going to. Secondly, the same conviction and sense of conditions on the ground among those watching for the return if Christ seems to be echoing forth from the other trustworthy watchmen and women. Thirdly, there is a prevailing sense that although we are never to abandon the lost on this sinking ship, it is time to brace for “sudden destruction” time for final personal repentance, examination, and restitution and forgiveness of anything we are holding onto.

As for prophetic progress, J.D. and Jan and Amir keep us informed on Middle East developments as well as how the nations are treating Israel, and any advancements toward peace deals and prophetic wars. But here are some bits that relate to some less-covered developments. One in the beast system, the other in just how extensively the apostasy and occult invasion of the church (aka rise of the harlot) has advanced.

There are simply too many things happening so fast, it is impossible for any of us to keep up. And. again, unless you are called in some capacity to a watchman ministry, you don’t necessarily need to. We all know, feel it in our bones, something huge and irrevocable is coming. Even a large number of the unsaved, unchurched unbelievers.

If you are reading this and are one of the unbelievers, know this: your ONLY safety from what is coming, is in Jesus. He is the ark, to deliver you from the tsunami of horrors heading for Earth.

Tech development: the beast that rises from the sea.

I am no techie. I will do my best to explain.

The term “robot avatar” refers to the technology that enables a surgeon in New York to perform a surgery on a patient located, say, in Utah. The robot is with the patient, while the doctor is hooked up to an electronic digital interface that enables him to control the robot so intricately that it is doing exactly what the surgeon does, by mimicking his actions practically in real-time. It involves sensors and hardware on the doctors end as well.

Interesting statistic: millions of millennials all over the world currently live in seclusion, in their parents homes, and their only social interaction is via the internet! This is so prevalent that Japan has created self contained pods designed for that sector of society. The average age of those living this lifestyle, is 30! These individuals never integrated with society or interacted with it. Most have never had a job. What will become of them when their parents die?

Well, some of them might thrive in the coming conditions, provided some of what they do online involves mastery of all things web. Like cryptocurrencies and the digital marketplace. Even their gaming experience may serve them well. Provided their knowledge extends beyond just playing, and into the development aspect.

Why do I say that? Because right this very moment, the beast system exists. That one word economy the Bible predicts and the NWO elites have long-awaited.

Introducing Rothscoins and Rothsmaza.

On March 7th, this platform will be officially introduced to the world. (Not complte, not ready to put in place, just oficially announced.) It will revolutionize  gaming, software development, financial transactions, privacy, identity theft protection, e-commerce, gambling, lottery, patenting, and network management, to name a few.

The kicker? The name of the platform is “The Ocean”. Doesn’t the Bible mention something about the beast rising up out of the sea?

We all produce data. The internet stores the data, and governments and corporations use and profit from the data that we all provide willingly for free.

This system will harness the potential of all that data. Here is where artificial intelligence and that global data stream merge together.

4 components:

  • Data  Lets declare all data to be intellectual property. Then it can be licensed and sold.
  • Privacy. Lets enable providers of data (every person, corporation, think tank, university, hospital…) to retain control of their data, but available to researchers with permission and for a cost.
  • The developers  Governance and maintenance of the network that delivers and stores the data
  • A new marketplace framework that is powered by a new cryptocurrency or “token” to serve as the means of exchange on that network.

Providers of data will use the Ocean platform to sell data. Consumers use it to purchase their data. Curators implement the Ocean to maintain this valuable data.

Developers earn  from building the marketplace. The world gains a comprehensive common data pool.


Real time transactions bank to bank anyplace on the globe. No more waiting for transactions to process through your bank and their bank, etc. No more identity theft. No waiting for verification of identities of parties in transaction, speed, and the unlocking of potential trillions in monetary value in this untapped pool of data. A win for all mankind, right?

One question. What if AI takes over? If demons can inhabit humans, they can probably inhabit and possess artificial intelligence and robot avatars.

“And he had power to give life to the image of the beast.”

What if all buying and selling and trading is eventually done via such a platform? And what if someone creates an Avatar, which serves as a representation of this system. Kind of anthropomorphically speaking, we all refer to and interact with it like a person. You know, like Alexa and Bixby. And lets say eventually someone comes up with the idea of making this system more user-friendly by giving it a human-like form and name. Gadgets get old. Lets make it more relatable. So someone is commissioned to sculpt an image. Then a mold is cast. Copies made. It’s in every home. Its in every store. Like ATMs. It becomes ubiquitous. Then they animate it.  This omnipresent entity, if you will. All that is left is for the  Antichrist spirit to possess and inhabit the “image of the beast”. Woah!

See how close we are getting folks?

Mystery Babylon will partner up with this beast system. The harlot. The apostate church. We fundamentalist throwback relics will be mocked and derided and more and more marginalized. Yet, we can show people in scripture, history written in advance over 2000 years ago that predicted exactly what is happening!

Christianity today is split between those who believe prophecy is yet future and this is the end of the age, and the Kingdom Now Dominionists who believe we are to take authority over the rising tide of evil to prepare the Kingdon for Christ.

Apostate itchy-ear churches started out with fluff. Did away with hell and judgment, right and wrong. The triple x church “ministers” to prostitutes and addicts and pimps, by telling them how God loves them and doesn’t condemn them, regardless whether they repent or not.

Rock bands, then dancing, then the dancing turns sexual, and talking a lot about sex in a bid to be trendy and edgy. Occult and mystic practices, and a sudden wave of desire to “return to” or join up with the Catholic church happening simultaneously and spontaneously.  All this happening a way similar to how the Holy Spirit can lead multiple local bodies (where real prayer takes place and true scripture is preached), to put out a call to repentance, for example.

What spirit do you think is influencing and calling those other, apostate churches?

Know who your god is, people. The one true God is the God of Abraham. The true Jesus absolutely will judge. Matthew 5: 25-26, and John 5 are just two scriptures that say so.

My thanks and credit to Gonz at FaceLikeTheSun YouTube channel for passing along this information.

Are they watching us now? More than a few youtubers writing on end times and rapture and tribulation, FEMA camps, false flags, etc, have received in-person visits snd warnings from NSA and Homeland Security. Some that I have posted materials from here at various times..  Its gotten real guys. Very very real.