Watch “Men’s Brain vs Women’s brain” on YouTube

“Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”, by John Gray and “Men are Clams, Women are Crowbars” by David Clarke, PhD; These are two of the most enlightening books ever written. Now someone has condensed all these principles in a brief Youtube video, and truer words were never spoken! I recommend sharing it with every wife and husband you know, particularly newlyweds. Might save a marriage or two. That and every book Dr. Laura ever wrote, but particularly “The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands” which title sounds very insulting , but which in reality is based on true human nature and what women just don’t inherently understand about men and how their minds work. Dr. Laura is Jewish, and that particular book contains word-for-word testaments of average men, and therefore, some of the crass language men sometimes use when being “frank”. The video below, however, does not contain crass language, although if you are in a troubled relationship, the truths herein may not seem as funny to you due to the damage that can happen in misunderstanding someone. I have been there, but I promise, if you read those books or watch this video, you will learn a lot, if you try and have have a sense of humor about it. Enjoy!