Why did Jesus die?

Nobody killed Jesus. He laid his life down willingly, and took his life up again. Listen to these testimonies. Maybe you will relate to one of them

Maybe you are afraid. Maybe you think you have messed up so bad that you are beyond redemtion. I don’t like to call this day “Easter”, I like to call it resurrection day. That is what I celebrate and the resurrection that awaits me.

You will be resurrected too! Then stand before Creator God, and be judged. Will you enter heaven, or will you go to hell? Just as Passover commemorates the safekeeping of all Jews who applied the lambs blood on their doorpost, so do we need the blood of the Lamb of God, Jesus, applied to ourselves to be cleansed and delivered from our owm sinful flesh.

Warning: There is some content that the You-tuber would have done better to leave out. I suggest listen, without watching. I don’t make videos, nor know how to create my own using segments of others. I apologize for forgetting to include disclaimer when this originally posted.