A Blessed Resurrection Day

I got to enjoy the live stream of pastor Charles Lawson and Temple Baptist for Resurrection Sunday, and really enjoyed the music as well.

I enjoyed talking to my Mom, and sharing some pictures with her, of my recent crafts. I got earphones with built-in mic, and can finally endure phone conversations now, as well as actually hear everything.

My husband cooked a delicious London broil, with veggies and salad. So a nice meal that I didn’t have to cook. Our city had a “water emergency”, at the treatment facility, so a lot of people had no water. Those who did, were under a conserve and boil water alert. A little extra work, but I didn’t mind doing dishes since hubby cooked.

The photos show my faux stained glass project, which I made using scrap stained glass (scored way cheap at Goodwill) and amethyst and garnet and crystal beads. I use various fingernail polishes to fill in small crevices

The base is a frame and glass from a broken clock. I also made a smaller one(this one is 13 inches) and gave that to a dear family friend  who shared dinner with us, and who had just had her birthday. The small cabinet was one I recently did a mosaic on top of, and those are fresh flowers from my yard. The other pic is my table decoration.

My son called from Hawaii on Friday, and I got to chat with him quite a while! Both our boys are talented artists, mostly drawing, but both have recently mentioned wanting to try painting. So Ben (who is now Sgt.Ben) apparently decided to delve in on his day off! See his very first painting below the other pictures. I am thrilled to see him branch out and explore different mediums!