4 thoughts on “Ohio College Normalizes Pedophilia as a “Sexual Orientation”

    • That is exactly how I feel. It is hard. Especially for super-sensitive people (I am). On the one hand, we care deeply and feel deeply, on the other hand, it is excruciating. I recently watched the movie “Unplanned” about the lady who was a Planned Parenthood clinic counselor, then manager for 8 years, and had undergone 2 abortions herself, (in which she was medicated and not seeing what was taking place) but had never watched or assisted in one. It us hard to fathom, but she really did buy into the lie that it is “just a clump of cells”. She held the ultrasound wand while the image was projected so the doctor could guide the suction catheter, and she saw the baby fight to get away from the catheter. She witnessed the pain the baby felt, as it fought to escape the brutal thing. And that day she quit and joined ranks with the pro-life protesters outside the fence of the facility she had worked for. The movie is very glaringly real. There are a lot of awful things going on that I can’t bring myself to post about at this late hour, because I can’t take it. It makes it hard to even pray not because I am upset at God, He has done everything possible to prevent mankind from the wages of sin, but because to pray, you must think, and so much of it is so hard to even be conscious of.

      But prayer is our lifeline. And God already told us there is nothing hidden that won’t be made manifest.
      I hate to hear anyone say ” it is only going to get worse”, but I know it is true. The fact is we think it can’t get worse than Noah’s day and Lot’s, but actually, since they were not the age of grace, and we are, it seems to me it could technically get worse than those events.I pray not. I pray Lord come get us, yet the lost ones….I am thankful He knows who will and won’t ever believe. I would rather stay and endure whatever than “escape” at the expense of lost people. But that is only because I have experienced God’s supernaturally carrying me through excruciating things before. And that is why He says to be thankful in ALL things.

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      • I agree. I could not watch the movie. I was a nurse for so long and there to help save lives, not destroy. I am very sensitive, like you, I would never purposely hurt any living animal. He will be here soon as the last number is called. Love in Christ.

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