3 thoughts on “U.S. Marines reserve units activated for “emergency within the United States” which “will come with little warning” – cites “threats in the Homeland” – NaturalNews.com

    • I think many simultaneous catastrophic things will happen at once. Sudden destruction comes down as we go up. A bunch of people believe Trump and his team, are going to quell this full-on attempt by the elites and leftists to take him down. There are crimes the Dems, Clintons, Obamas, etc definitely did and Trump team has documentation. That whole “Q movement is about that. And their ranks consist of true patriots, retired military, and many professing Christians. Trump has replaced hundreds of liberal judges, but the more they dig, the more “roots” they discover. And those roots feed into the governments of every nation, into royalties of Europe, of the global human trafficking, into CIA, MI6, FBI, IRS, back to Reagan, to even the Kennedy assassination. If it were possible to follow those roots all the way, it would, of course, go back to the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It is a conspiracy, yes, but people refuse to see that Satan is the instigator of it all. Alien “disclosure” is coming very soon. I still don’t rule out Donald Trump betraying us all. I keep envisioning the end of a play, when the actors all come out with masks, wigs, and makeup removed, and we see what all the actors really look like. Often there are surprised gasps to see how different some of cast are when out of costume and character. Trump himself said shortly before he announced his candidacy, that he is capable of being whomever he needed to be in any situation as called for. His temper alone could set off a fire that engulfs half the world. His move on Syria withdrawing our troops, leaves Israel very exposed and between that and the impeachment effort, his credibility and the ability of world leaders to work with and negotiate with him, are largely obliterated. It is no small development. God does use one evil party to chastise other evil parties, then he destroys the one He used, because that is their due. So Trump could be playing many roles not all of which are good for America. With the desperation and division at the current level, I believe anything from civil war to assassination, to mobilization of foreign troops and UN “peacekeepers” in a globalist takedown/takeover could be on the American horizon. More every day, I suspect the “last straw” that sets global chaos in motion, hinges on some coast to coast event in the USA. It will be very sudden, and probably correlate with the election. That’s my sense of things at this juncture. But, as long as God’s people pray, we can continue to influence the timeline and severity, but sooner or later, it is coming. (And so is Jesus, Hallelujah!)

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