Please Vote! Culture matters!

I heard Jim Jordan quoted as saying “politics is downstream from culture, not vice versa”. That is true. Morality is not determined by our politics. Our politics are a reflection of who we have become as a nation as a whole.

It matters. The “polls” that claim that most Americans  want Trump out, and Socialism in, are outright lying, but, there still are an alarmingly high number who actually have been lied to enough that they believe socialism is “better” and ” kinder”.

Occupying means standing on Biblical principles. No candidate for any office is perfect. But not voting means just surrendering all to the liars, cheaters, and the ignorant.

Jesus is coming, but until He does, we have to live with these choices.

I understand the weariness, and the cynicism that thinks our votes don’t count, but we will give an account of stewardship in much more than whatever money God blesses us with. That said, the powers that be, globalists, are not about to simply urrender, it’s a real battle, and they play dirty. I pray the Lord continue to expose the evil.

Are you aware of the many thousands of people freed from human trafficking since Trump took office?  Sheriffs, policemen, pastors, entire Child Protective Services offices in some states, tragically, are involved in trafficking.

Do you know that vaccines have been engineered using the DNA if aborted babies? That one “customer” of the sellers of baby body parts, is a company that creates food flavoring?

Our time seems even sicker and more corrupt and reprobate than the days of Lot and Noah, but the Grace Period is winding down very fast.

Under Trump, the conservatives in congress are finally mounting some resistance, and the investigation behind the many leaks, accusations and attempts to frame Trump is much more extensive and formidable than the mainstream t.v. media and papers are letting on. A successful “war” is not won by telling the world where you are, what tools (evidence) and advantages you have over the enemy. So the strides being made in the fight against corruption are not being broadcast.

Do some research for yourself, if you haven’t already.

Trump will likely be impeached. He seems prepared to weather it. It won’t be legitimate, but the Dems and RINO faction will see the charade through, because they have essentially “bet the farn” and know it is all or nothing. Besides, they couldn’t care less what we think of them.

Trump will not be removed, I don’t think, at least not until after he is re-elected. When and if he is taken out, I believe it will involve outside (globalist) forces. But for now, the Lord seems to be set on the  exposure of evil. If Trump is playing a pre-planned role and script, and he still may be, then the Lord will eventually expose that. Trump is entertaining, and fairly unflappable. He was asked by high ranking military patriots, to play this role. Trump is clearly not in this for money, nor fame and notoriety, nor popularity. Our forefathers pledged their lives and fortunes. It looks like Trump is doing the same. But looks can always be deceiving. Time will tell.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path. In persecution, He will give us the words we need in that moment, and He says we are not to worry ahead of time about it. He will carry US through trial, torture, and anything else. On our own, we could not bear it, but all things are possible with God.

Israel is the “indication light” that will reliably tell what hour we are in. And right now, Israel is more vulnerable than just about any time in their history.

The entire world is teetering precariously with unrest, anger, and instability among the peoples.

A lot more people are tuning in. And there is definitely a ” spiritual awakening” that is taking place, but spiritual forces entail both good and evil. It is clear this world as a whole, has once again chosen Barabbas, not Jesus. But Jesus will not be meek and silent this time.

Is Kanye West born again, or is he being used to endorse a gospel-free religious experience that will help enable people to be fooled by the Antichrist?

If Kanye is born again, Praise God! Jesus died for Hollywood too, however Satan gladly will inundate you with truth, like a Trojan Horse, in order to smuggle in a critical lie. Like a salvation without acknowledging of the sin nature.

Kanye may be saved, and merely uninformed, and passing along what he does understand. There are many who are more Biblically educated, who do nothing to share that knowledge with others. Maybe it’s Kanye’s “widows mite”, and if so, those judging and condemning, may discover Kanye has a greater reward in heaven than they do. After all, didn’t Jesus say it is harder for a rich man to enter the Kingdom than for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle?

It is easy for many to purposely maintain ignorant bliss. But some folks just aren’t wired that way, thank the Lord. They are the ones who deal with the harsh realities, who look and see the things others wish to pretend are not happening. For now, there are still bubbles in which those people are able to reside. But a time is coming when no one can pretend any longer that they are ok and this world is ok.

When money goes away, or health, or the roof overhead, then and only then will sleepers wake up and be willing to consider that there is One who is greater than themselves, and their money and means.  Sometimes God has to take all the blessings away, in order for some to realize their smallness, impotence, and helplessness, but more crucially, also their unworthiness before the One who formed them, fed them, and permitted them to breathe.

Elect your leaders, but worship and trust God alone.