The Suffering Messiah of Isaiah 53

As I scanned my usual news sources this morning, I note a discernable entry into a darker state for our world. It may sound odd, because many people are so blind, they don’t even know what it is like to see light. If you have ever toured any caves or caverns, as you descend deeper, you literally feel the air getting cold, and if you dare turn off all of your lights, the darkness is so profound that it feels heavy. Leave the light off over sixty seconds, and many would begin to feel panic rising. I hate caves. I don’t even like basements. I’m close enough to hell on the surface, thanks.

The ruthlessness of the evil taking place, is astounding. There has always been evil cruelty, but it is becoming widespread and commonplace. The same spirit that brought about the holocaust, now seems to have the upper hand in almost every system of government, and leadership, and not just in the secular, but also in churches.

The hardest thing for people to understand, is that the same potential for evil, resides inside us all. We like to think ” I’m not perfect, but I would never (fill in the blank yourself).

Talk to a murderer who has found the Messiah, and you will find that they are very humble. They have been forgiven much. They can’t pretend to be “good”. They no longer fool themselves. Many who never even got close to getting arrested, will look down on the redeemed murderer, and think themselves more deserving of heaven. I am speaking of professing Christians.

Jesus said He “came not to call the righteous.”

What people often fail to realize, is that we all need saving. There is no such thing as righteousness of man. Only men, women, and children who have been shrouded in the righteousness of the Christ, Messiah, Savior. It’s not just the lost, who need to realize this, but also many who name the name of Christ.

The state of the world as we know it in 2019, is not a matter of (quantitatively speaking) more evil. It is a matter of removal of restraint. Little by little, God releases people to the evil and rebellion they love.

When Adam and Eve disobeyed, God banished them from the paradise conditions that existed in the Garden of Eden. He didn’t destroy Eden. He set an angelic guard to bar any return to it. Until now, God has set a boundary between man and the Satanic realm.

Imagine a maximum security prison. The state in which it is located goes utterly bankrupt. (California?)

The government can no longer pay salaries to the warden and guards. They abandon their posts because who is able to work a job without pay? What do you imagine will happen to those dangerous criminals? Prisoners escape under stringent security, so I imagine it wouldn’t take long for someone to make a way out. Today, in Oklahoma, several hundred “low level” offenders had their sentences commuted and were released. If you lived in that town, do you think you would have good reason to be concerned that a rise in crime will likely follow? When evil is not restrained, it will do what evil does.

So look at the news. 3 Moms and 6 or 7 kids, gunned down in cold blood, one child shot while running away, others burned alive in their vehicle.

Consider the catastrophic nature events of the past 2 decades alone.

God created this world with order, but chaos increasingly prevails. California, the richest sub-national region on earth, is has turned into a sewer. Their representatives in D.C. couldn’t care less, and are only working to retain their own power and wealth!

You don’t believe the Bible? You have never heard a sermon on the book of Revelation? In all humility, sincerity, and concern for your well-being, I ask you to look into it. What is happening in our world, was warned about in specific detail in Scripture. Every prophecy in the Old Testament about Jesus, his life, death, burial and resurrection, were fulfilled and are historical fact in the secular record. Why would anyone think the Biblical predictions about His return, and the tribulation that is coming, won’t come to pass with the same accuracy?

Call out to Messiah while there is still time. If you don’t, I guarantee that some day in the not-too-distant future, you will remember what you have read here, and be devastatingly regretful. What you will then face, will pale in comparison to those moms and kids, massacred and burnt in Mexico yesterday, the victims of the Fukushima Tsunami and nuclear disaster. You will cry out to God, but it will be too late to escape the tribulation. Read Revelation. Read Daniel 9. Read Isaiah 17, because that prophecy is all lined up to take place any moment. Lord, save souls we pray! Open the eyes of those blind to the truth of Scripture and their need for Salvation in Christ, and it is in His name our request is made. Even so, come quickly, Lord as You promised.