I apologize to readers and commentors that I have not posted much and got behind on responses. I recently ditched my paid premium theme and also now do every post from my phone. Everything has changed about how to post, how to reply to comments, etc, from how I used to do it on a laptop. It is supposed to be ” convenient” but I find it to be a stripped down method that offers fewer options, and particularly frustrating is that it does not autosave like it did before. So I often get 2 hours into a post only to lose it if I accidentally hit the back button or something (as just happened) and sometimes I just don’t have it in me to do it all again. Today is one of those times.

I had surgery on the 25th of Feb, and have just finished physical therapy.

I hope everyone is coping with the madness we seem to be engulfed in right now, and keeping well. Maybe we will return to some semblance of rationality soon. I know the virus is real, and people are dying from it, but the panic has been purposely manufactured. One more sign of the fact society is approaching a breaking point. This will already create a new normal, including diminished freedom.

Jesus is our rock in this weary land!


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