Corona,Trump, Q, Bible Prophecy, how does it all fit together?

I have been seeking the Lord about this for months. If you remember I did only one post specifically about Q-anon, and have been asking the Lord whether or not to start covering the topic, because ya’ll, the “Q” operation is uncovering very dark things about our world leaders and Hollywood and media, who created the trafficking trade if children. Most who follow Q, believe Trump will save America, and thus the world. Students of prophecy know the New World Order is going to come, and a powerful America prevents that currently. But God is using Trump and the Q operation to expose things on darkness, because He always warns before He administers consequences.

Will Corona and the global shutdown bring that on? No, but it absolutely is laying the final groundwork.

Even churches that are willing to address prophecy, rarely teach about the period of birth pangs which are happening now, and are the very last wake up call for mankind.


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