Just the Headlines will be enough today

Some twitter users report having received an alert from the National Emergency Alert Broadcast System, but it was blank. It may have been a test. Keep your phone close and check texts because if President Trump wants to get a message out, he will use that system, not the News, and not Twitter. Everybody gets the alerts either by phone, on T.V. etc.

I don’t say this to cause fear, however, things could go either way. If there is a real workable plan in place, to take down criminals who have sold America for personal gain, it will still get dicey. If it is the last seconds of the 4th quarter, so to speak, our wait won’t be much longer. Israel is trying desperately to get a government in place. Netanyahu is not out yet. Please read all the headlines, and especially the Obama tweet below. See what you think these news items add up to. Rats jumping ship? Probably headed to hunker down in their luxury bunkers because they had early warning. There have been suspicious developments in the stock market. The massive drop, then a huge infusion. Gold and silver no longer available to buy, anywhere !. 3 mints in Switzerland stopped their smelters. There is a discrepancy between London and New York gold supply that prevents London exchanging with NY because they only have larger gold bars, which aren’t shippable in the same way that the smaller ones are, and London can’t melt those down and make the smaller ones. There have been some people quietly withdrawing large sums of their savings. The banks gamble a bit. When you place your money in, they loan it to others. On paper, you may have 700,000 in your bank, but they have loaned a big chunk to someone else, who if he then can’t make payments under present circumstances because his small business has been crushed by the virus, and shelter-in-place orders, you simply lose. Banks close their doors in circumstances like this. That is what causes a run on banks. Everyone wants their full amount, and they all show up to withdraw it at once. One of Trump/Q’s plans is to instate a totally new gold-backed money system. Could this account for no gold available and other never-before-seen developments in the markets and precious metals trades? It is possible. There WILL be a new global financial system. Nothing in prophecy says we won’t be here to see it happen, that I know of. Also, buying and selling will be taking place, not really happening right now.

As I have already said, it isn’t realistic to just assume “Trump and Q” and our military, are on top of all of this. Impossible? No, but unlikely, in my opinion. If they were to manage to right the ship, it would unequivocally be a miracle. God is certainly able, but I don’t think anybody should count on it. (I wouldn’t even ask for it). If we aren’t quite there in God’s timetable, God will sustain global order somehow. But this could be where the “oil in our lamps” comes in. Darkness descends, things get murky for a bit, but true born-again believers have enough light to go safely meet the Bridegroom because we have the Holy Spirit. We can ask Him to fill us to the brim, with His Spirit so we are engulfed in His comfort, peace, and protection. Pray about everything, pray for Christians everywhere. I would not be surprised to see internet outages at some point. Remember, when sudden destruction comes in, we go out.

Rubber, meet road!

We will pass the devil and his army in the “second heaven” armosphere on the way up as they head down to have free reign for a while, but they can’t touch us. I figure that is why Jesus personally comes for us.

All headlines below are links, if you want to read further on any of them. Some will open in a new page, others will redirect your browser from the blog, and you will need to use back button to come back. The tweets can be enlarged by clicking on them, then you can view the video clips, and then “x” out if the enlarged tweet to continue viewing the rest if my post.

Hospitals across U.S. consider universal do-not-resuscitate orders for coronavirus patients

Why did hundreds of CEOs resign?

They want it to spread

Corona Virus Jailbreak 15 Republicans and Democrats want elderly felons released from prisons amidst virus outbreak 

Companies Lobby DHS to preserve huge foreign workforce

NYC Morgues Near Capacity

Think Tank Estimates 14 Million Jobs Lost By Summer

Presidential Candidate Joe Biden’s Campaign Could Be Done For After New Woman Accuses Him Of Inappropriate Sexual Advances

Church Services Evacuated, Pastors Arrested in several countries over gatherings ban.

Remember, I said the horrific secrets involve Hillary! Remember how weird she got during her campaign?

This one will require some concentration. Barack Obama tweeted this. Sure looks like a threat. Image divided in 4 parts to form a “Q”, Top left shows the White House right-side-up, so it is meant to be viewed that way. The syringe is aimed at the White House. Target, Trump? They have tried many times before.–STL

One more comic relief tweet, this one from Pastor J.D. having a silly moment with his daughter.

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