Esper Orders National Guard in D.C. to Disarm, Wear Caps Not Helmets

First they call evil good, and good evil, then they take light (truth) for darkness and darkness (blindness) for light, now we have reached the stage referred in scripture as “thinking themselves wise, they became fools” (Romans 1:22). The fools “in charge” are insane because they hate God and now God has given them over to their blindness and they’ve become morons! That should be a lesson to any who have no fear or regard for the Holy God of heaven and the maker of all created things. Do a 180. Change your mind. Give it some thought. American leaders want every reminder of God eradicated. They think they can outsmart Him, outrun Him, They think He should be bowing and scraping to themselves, not the other way around, because they have been raised, conditioned and brainwashed to believe feelings are facts, that they are sovereign over themselves and everything they want, believe, think, and feel, and it centers 100% on self, even while the same deluded ones accuse those with some insight and understanding, wisdom and common sense, of being selfish and stupid. Soldiers who won’t disobey unlawful orders. Certain law “enforcement” personnel, even if they move to help the 73 year old bleeding man that their cohort pushed to the ground, will quickly abandon conscience and follow orders without consideration of basic human dignity,  even unto death. Life is so devalued by Marxism and the fairy tale of evolution.

But our Father said there’d be days like these! Perilous times, people lovers of themselves, haughty, high-minded, lacking any self restraint, ungrateful.  Looters, and some (small percentage, I believe) of the protesters are not much better in their demands and expectations, though some are expressing them peacefully. But devils come out at night to do deeds of darkness. As they are allowed to freely do so, they become bolder, and do their crimes out in the light of day. They are filled with the spirit of antichrist. If you see that they are crazy, there is hope for you, but not much time is left.. Anyone who is truly insane, never has insight into their mad thoughts and ridiculous behaviors, ie if you think you are crazy, you’re not. ( At least not yet!) Crazy people don’t know they are insane. But all haters of God eventually descend into utter madness and depravity. A depraved mind is the mind of a moron, made that way by God as a judgment against someone who is grossly disobedient to Him. That is the plain truth, if you can discern it.

Call on Jesus. You can’t save yourself. To the extent you reject Jesus Christ’s death, burial and resurrection for your atonement, and deny God’s authority, that is the degree of madness you will reach.

People are hurt, and scared, but better hurt and scared than the terror of eternal hell when you die. The antichrist will rise to power soon. Turn to Jesus, the ONLY way to escape the wrath that God is about to unleash.You think the protesters that walked down streets bordered on both sides with armed citizens were suddenly respectful and quiet? Wait until they (you, we all) stand before the perfect holiness of God Almighty! You will not walk. You will not speak, you will fall on your face and plead for mercy too late! All the pain that rioters inflicted on cops and citizens, you will receive upon yourself.

Officer, every citizen you harassed, brutalized, humiliated, injured, harmed or unjustifiably killed, that’s how tormenting your personal cell in hell will feel for you. I believe that because God is fair and you will receive the justice you are right now demanding. You don’t know what justice is.  This moment, and forever more, George Floyd is alive and unharmed in heaven because he was born again as a new creature, in Christ. That arrogant hate-filled cop only killed his body. You want to know why he called out to his Mama? I was a hospice nurse. My guess is, she had passed away before him, and he was seeing her spirit, welcoming him Home.

He did not fight. He pleaded, but there was no aggression on Mr. Floyd’s part. He was not a threat. George Floyd’s blood, and the blood of other victims, cries out to God along with the blood of trafficked women and children, millions of babies. When the 7th seal of Revelation is opened (chapter 8) there has already been unimaginable horrors on earth, but what is about to come with the 7th seal is so horrific, so serious and somber, that heaven was in complete silence for thirty minutes. In Rev. 8:3, an angel went and stood at the alter with a censor, filled with incense, to which all of the prayers every believer ever prayed is added. The prayers and incense are like savory fragrances, and waft up to the throne of God. Then the angel adds one more ingredient: fire, the fire of the holy alter  The angel flings those billions of prayers and that massive fire out over the whole earth and rebellious mankind.

Don’t ever think your prayers don’t matter. Your pleas, the cries of martyrs, George Floyd’s pleas, the sorrowful cries of babies born and left to die, the silent screams of  pain ( yes, they feel it!) of aborted babies, those become an actual agent and instrument and component of their punishment!  Think on that!

God didn’t rape you. God didn’t take your legs. God didn’t kill your husband. Sin did that!  This very thing man wants to hold onto, is the very thing causing all of your misery. Open your eyes and see, open your ears and hear God MADE A WAY FOR YOU TO AVOID THE SPIRITUAL CONSEQUENCES OF SIN!

Will you receive it? Or will you further offend God by disdaining and trampling the life blood of His one and only Son Jesus Christ?

I pray this Word reaches receptive hearts. I pray this message goes out to protesters, rioters, police, black people, white, asian, Hispanic, every continent and nation, because this is the message of the Gospel.

I know the Lord wants people to hear these things. The yearning for peace and love we all, deep down in our souls want, even those who have forgotten they want it, is a factor of our having been created in God’s image. He is love, and we were created to love. Peace, justice, you want all that? If you do, then fall on your knees and submit to God, admit you are a guilty sinner and admit to yourself there is nothing you can do to change that . But there is something you can receive that will wash away your sin. God’s grace, mercy, and forgiveness made available to you because Jesus, who has no guilt, took your punishment for you, and wants to place His pure white righteousness upon you, to make you right with God, acceptable to God!

If you can recognize that the measures written about in the article below are irrational, that means you are not yet totally blind to truth. But any second that offer of redemption can expire for you. What will you do with God’s generous and merciful offer?Esper on Friday ordered National Guard troops in Washington, DC, to disarm and wear soft caps instead of helmets, an official said.

Source: Esper Orders National Guard in D.C. to Disarm, Wear Caps Not Helmets

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