We have been invaded, last nanoseconds of this age?

  1. Lawlessness
  2. Anarchy
  3. Disband and de-fund police
  4. Capitalism is slavery
  5. Riots
  6. Pandemic
  7. “The Great Reset”.
  8. Attempted Coup
  9. Attempted assassinations
  10. Impeachment
  11. Obama gate
  12. Lockdowns
  13. Stand downs
  14. Cops and military kneeling with the radicals
  15. Masks ( power to silence us)
  16. Death of elderly intentionally
  17. Pope Francis
  18. Chrislam
  19. 1.8 million unemployed
  20. Antifa (many who trained with al Qaida)
  21. Black Lives Matter ( Black Panthers)
  22. Digital ID passports
  23. Real ID cards by October
  24. Apostacy
  25. Macron (Jupiter) walking on water
  26. Crashing economies
  27. Unconstitutional gun bans
  28. Insanity of leadees (delusional)
  29. NWO rising
  30. Propaganda in media
  31. Destabilization
  32. Breakdown of order and rule of law
  33. Nazi tactics
  34. Threatening suburbs
  35. Marxists ideology
  36. Anti-Christ spirit rising
  37. Hatred of Christians and Jews
  38. FBI compromised
  39. CIA compromised
  40. Operatives in our military top rank
  41. Neighborhood councils to oversee the police
  42. Abolishment of gender
  43. Extortion
  44. Terrorism
  45. Reparations
  46. Universal healthcare
  47. Agenda 2030
  48. Abolish the court system
  49. Neighborhood councils
  50. Abolish Ice
  51. Abolish nation states
  52. Georgia Guidstones
  53. Planned Parenthood (Eugenics)
  54. Rise in occult
  55. Demon possession
  56. Ruthlessness

America is under siege.

Is this being financed and directed from outside America?

This is not a handful of hoodlums wreaking havoc. These are trained revolutionaries. They are using explosives and chemicals that they have been trained with.

I hope Trump’s lack of action is meant to allow citizens in blue states to get a taste of what they are voting for on the Democrat ticket, but I am not going to count on that.

This will not fizzle out. These riots have been incited globally. Recent grads from college with heads filled with hatred for authority, and Marxism, that Socialism is Utopia and Communism is actually fair and good for all. Universities churned out an entire army for them, and as you can see, they are rabid.

The world wants a New World Order

USA and Trump stand in their way.

Do the math.

Trust in the Lord


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