Please Pray for my Mom

My Mom has a lot of physical issues happening at the moment. Her lower descending Aorta and Iliac Arteries are blocked and she needs bypass surgery, which required clearance by her Cardiologist, before he would give the green light to the vascular surgeon to do the grafts. By God’s grace, her collateral bloodflow via smaller vessels are getting enough blood to those areas that she is not in danger of losing them thus far. Meantime, upon cardiac cath, they discovered the need for stents in her coronary arteries. She had those in June, so the lower extremity blockages have had to wait because she couldn’t go off her blood thinner too soon after stents.  Now she is very anemic, and though taking iron, her hemoglobin is dangerously low , and she is going to get a transfusion today.   Meanwhile, her hemoccult tests for blood in the intestines, were positive x 3 done over 3 days. So she has to have upper endoscopy and lower G.I. (colonoscopy) to figure out where she is losing blood. She has been in a lot of pain for a while from lack of bloodflow in the legs, and exhausted from lack of oxygen in the blood, gradually losing mobility, and has respiratory issues to begin with. Her kidney function has been diminishing for about 10 months, and hemoglobin has decreased steadily over a year. She lives in another state from me. I stayed with her 2 weeks to get a firsthand assessment of everything she has currently going on, medically and functionally. This development was not a surprise to me, it was just a matter of confirmation by bloodwork and the test for blood in the G.I. tract. The kidney function has started improving, after stopping a specific med. Decreased kidney function can cause anemia too, and it can cause confusion and foggy memory. She already had some memory issues, but while I was there, I could see she was struggling a little more than previously.

Her name is Judy. She is 75. She is a Christian. Please pray for peace, good care, and God’s will for her. There is an additional concern that I ask you to pray about, but will leave it as an unspoken concern. Please pray about timing for the various tests and procedures, because I have a couple of important appointments myself in the next few weeks, but also may need to go  help her during that time. With narcolepsy, I still have driving privileges, but as a general rule, I don’t drive more than 30 minutes at a time, so please pray about coordinating transportation as well.

God knows it all. He will see us through it all. Thank you guys for your prayers. So much to pray about these days!



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