I was on top if political stuff long before I began my prophecy studies. This podcast will provide you with the facts stretching back to the Clinton presidency, of the development if the conditions the leftists now have succeeded in accomplishing in American government and society. Having known the political, these things are old news for me, but I realized this morning that every day more and more people seem to ready now to hear this background information, and need to know where to start in their own research. It all is a trajectory that brings us to the exact circumstances that will set the stage for the antichrist to rise. So here are some good starting points for those who are just beginning to get informed.

Worldview Weekend, Brannon Howse’s ministry, covers all of this from a scriptural perspective. I suggest people sign up for his newsletter. And Glen Beck also exposed it not just when he was on Fox, but long before that on his radio broadcasts. Worldview Weekend events are a lot like the prophecy conferences, except it goes much more into the political aspect of this, including plans for use of public schools, Governor’s schools, and colleges for indoctrination and radicalization.

Here is a good podcast that starts with where America is right this moment, and covers some of that groundwork previously laid.

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