We are in the eye of the storm

There can be no doubt that there is a wolf at our door. We hear the snarling, growling, scratching.

The audacity and confidence with which the t.v. networks claimed victory for Biden, clearly demonstrates their intent. We know that forces are in place, to back that up. God’s purpose for Trump may be finished. But if it is, we still have reason to rejoice.  God’s itinerary is set. If Biden/Harris have been chosen/allowed by God, they will render America no longer an ally of Israel.

It is interesting to me, that we are hearing reports that Putin is very ill. A change in leadership there could hasten the hook-in-the-jaw moment. Kamala Harris is arrogant. If Biden was just their ticket to get in, she will be in charge soon, and Israel will be in jeopardy. Are they saying ” peace and safety “today? Now that Supposedly Biden won? Biden is Obama. Harris is Obama without caution. That administration will pander to Iran and “Palestine”.

Donald Trump played golf the day after the election. Maybe he is the type who doesn’t waste time lamenting anything, and is already “over” his stint in the oval office. Or maybe he knows something the Biden campaign and news networks don’t know, and feels like he can finally take his first day off in 4 years. But he might also be mulling things over, and needing some semi-solitude, and fresh air, and easy motion, to let his subconscious do it’s thing, knowing he will be clear and sharp and ready for decisions. He has become uncharacteristically quiet. If God’s hand is still on him, he will prevail. It would not surprise me in the least, because God has been exposing so much during his time in office. God never administers justice without ample warning. I think most of us would just as soon get out of this world for good. But if the body of Christ is not complete yet, we aren’t going yet. God may be poised to do some refining. Of the many Christian pastors, bloggers and vloggers I listen to, there are as many different views on just how perilous the perilous times will get while we are still here. Some strongly feel, as do I, that as long as we are here we should fight against the outright steal that is in progress.

Why? To me, it is a matter of stewardship. Doing what we can to hold back the utter ruin, and postpone the Antichrist’s new order, buys time, so to speak, and keeps conditions in many parts of the world from being even worse. If God’s done with America, nothing we pray, nothing we do will change that. It would certainly be reasonable for Him to be done with blessing America. If He does bless us in spite of it all, He will be doing it due to requests made long ago by a more faithful generation, in my opinion.

I don’t relish thoughts of persecution, and the ones out there who seem determined we must go through it, and some to even want to, you’re either ignorant or being falsely pious. Read Fox’s Book of Martyrs. I’m just keeping it real. I 100% know God supernaturally will enable us to endure such things if they are to happen, but our cleansing happened on the cross, so that’s not what this time is about. We are in a transitional time, but just as at the beginning of the church age, not everything God does is about the church during the transition. Besides, there have been generations of Christians who did not suffer persecution. It is either a universal principle or it is not. I think it is not. Just as God in His wisdom allows some to be rich, others born in poverty, some born in royalty, some in the lowest caste of a caste system, it is up to God and it’s His business.

So if you are discouraged, or afraid, my advice is stop watching the news.

If you are a new creature washed clean by the blood of Christ, you have no need to fear or worry. If you have ever been in a situation in which you have absolutely no power or control, you know it is easier to just Trust God when you clearly can’t do a single thing to change things. As long as we think we still have some influence or power, we try to use it. In fact it is hard to know whether and when God expects us to, vs when we should step back and wait for Him. Those shady grey areas are not pleasant. But when Father takes the burden off your back, there is no better, no safer, feeling.

One thing for sure, we should know pretty soon. As far as president, if they certify the vote count in Biden’s favor, the courts will be very reluctant to be the ones to decide. Remember sudden destruction will come, not gradual, drawn out torturous destruction. He comes “quickly” when He calls us up.

He’s got it all covered.

Wear your armor, stay your mind on Him. Give the gospel. Obedience is safety.


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