Justice isn’t dead (yet)

I could fill this space up with link after link, taking you to articles about the absolute implosion of the election “rusults” but instead, I will give God the glory. Hundreds of sworn statements by poll watchers and election workers and voters. Whistleblowers from the US post office. Fox News ratings collapse. ( they were the first to call Biden the presumptive winner before all the votes were counted, much less certified and the electors haven’t even been seated. Unbelievable. Sandra Smith was apoplectic and caught on hot mic saying “they can’t do that, they should just accept it” (Biden’s fake win). Our household was among thoseFox refugees. (sorry Tucker, Hannity) and Twitter should be next. ( I closed mine, apologies to blog  followers there. Conservatives en mass have switched from Fox to NewsMax, from Twitter to Parler, and from Youtube to Rumble. Newsmax, Parler and Rumble do not censor opinions or cover up facts or cover for corrupt people, organizations and politicians. Newscasters at Newsmax refused to call the election in anyon’s favor. On Newsmax, I have seen the newscaster stop and pray for Trump! They say the name of Jesus there!

Check your cable or satellite t.v. channels for them. We have it in our lineup here, but you can always watch online via NewsmaxTV.com

I like this one though, this is ingenious! The Truckers are doing their part to stand up against the steal.

The truckers are not going to put up with paid terrorists and thugs attacking, impeding, hold-ups, roadblocks, graffiti, and extortion. The supply chain is already very strained. Though this will effect left and right alike, FOOd generally moves from rural to urban. Most other things move Urban to rural. It will effect those upscale venues that cater to the rich. But the rural folk for the most part know well that a person can live without Gucci bags and Manolo Blahnik shoes.

Saturday there will be a huge rally in DC of Patriots in a show of support for Trump and I imagine this one might be bigger than any other one D.C. has seen. People will drive hundreds of miles, fly from other states, even come home from living abroad to go to a conservative rally in D.C. Wanna know why? Happy people. I have been to several, and it is like one huge family reunion. People are civil, polite, calm, and leave it cleaner than it was when they came. The news won’t tell you that, though. That’s why you need to go in person. Feeling down or discouraged about America, the election? If feasible for you, go to the rally. It is unforgettable. And if there is one thing the left fears, it is the elusive inhabitants of flyover country whom they like to pretend aren’t real.

If all the legal votes and only the legal ones are counted, and Biden legitimately gets the win then conservatives including Donald Trump, will accept that. But a steal, no way. The number of votes flipped directly out of trumps tally into Bidens, (Trump loses 1000, Biden gains 1000 in the same instant) in most if not all of the swing states, ballots that are blank except for Biden’s name,  or where the ” voter” voted only on the president, no state offices) a state court unconstitutional order in PA to accept late ballots, 25k ballots requested at once for Nursing Home residents, reports of election workers telling people who to vote for and even walking with them to the voting booth to see if they do or not. That’s just a sampling of what I have read. DOJ is now involved, as are FBI and CIA. The last two, no telling which team they are working for though. Bottom line, PA has been removed from Biden’s column, and 2 or 3 others soon will join PA in that.

Shop owners spent big bucks boarding up businesses, and no riots. Just a Mardi Gras type celebration in the streets of heavily Democrat areas. Tonight, though, who knows. Hope those businesses didn’t take down all that plywood in the past few days.

I believe the left’s seething hatred of God has something to do with this turn of events. Yes, many fasting and praying also facilitated things, but I for one suspected that the Lord wasn’t going to allow the massive cheating to stand unchallenged. Voter turnout numbers, percentages for Biden being nearly double those that elected Obama, counting of ballots done in secrecy and disallowing Republican witness of the counts is illegal.

Ironically, the Socialist faction of the Democrat party are enraged at the moderate faction for not taking it far enough. They want names of citizens who voted for Trump. They want consequences for us “enablers of Trump.”

Newsmax refused to go along with the meaningless early call of a Biden win, and yesterday evening Real Clear Politics (left leaning but honest) took PA away from Biden first!. Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, the larger counties in those states are where they are finding massive suspicious numbers. Statistically the numbers are so skewed that the odds are literally impossible.

The left thinks they are our masters, and the Network News channels think they are our parents.

Republican women are the absolute champions of this election.We have Elise Stefonic to thank for that! She is that previously unknown 2015 class Representative from New York district 21, and  firecracker who shone in the Russiagate hearings. Secret weapon, I say! She recruited, trained and mentored several if not all of the female Republican winners.

Unfortunately, the propaganda and indoctrination of television, movies, and network news has been thorough. When (if) Trump is the winner, that is when we can expect a “Purge”-like reaction. The Purge, for anyone who doesn’t know, is a movie depicting a dystopian society in America, which for purposes of population control, suspends all law for 24 hours. It is done once each year. Nothing is out of bounds. Any crime committed will not be prosecuted. An apt picture of the bloodlust that has demonically possessed so many.

Pastor Charles Lawson in his Sunday sermon this weekend said that if the Lord doesn’t take us home soon, “things are going to begin to manifest”. Christians reporting having such encounters have been increasingly common for at least the past 12 years that I have been aware of them. I mean, with scientists playing with DNA and creating Chimeras there are plenty of soul-less creatures for them to inhabit.

We already have monsters in congress, though, so I doubt we’ll be much bothered when bigfoot meanders onto the town square carrying a mouse with a human ear growing on it’s back.

And that, friends, is 2020 in a nutshell. Who here is looking forward to what ’21 has in store?



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