None so blind as those who will not see

I watched hours of citizen testimony about the illegal and unconstitutional measures the left used in all of the ” key states”. In a time when anybody can view entire legal documents on Scribd and other document sharing applications, I have read case files, and affidavits and I know that none of the judges, up to and including the Justices of the supreme court, as well as the DOJ, refused to view these proofs  I am not sure, other than to drop leaflets from airplanes, how the ignorant folks can be reached.

I have witnessed and experienced a lot of “crazy” in my lifetime. I saw the massive crowds at Trump rallies and spontaneous boat parades, car parades, horse and buggy parades for Trump. I do not believe this statistic that says 46% of Americans wanted Trump to have a second term. I believe it is closer to 75%. I wouldn’t even be surprised if most of the anti-Trump comments on Twitter and other social media, is actually A.I. and paid trolls.

3 Republican leaders died in recent days. 2 from Covid, one from aneurism. One thing is for certain. If all the efforts to contest the election results fail, it will be because it is the appointed time for America to diminish. I don’t believe Anything is going to completely collapse while the remnant Body is still here. Yes the birth pangs are casting the Tribulation shadow over the Earth already. But He who now letteth shall let until he be taken out of the way.

Lately I get a sense, like the faintest wafting scent of blooms in early Spring, of a sweetness I used to know in my relationship with the Lord, as a teen, before the hard knocks of adulthood. I can remember walking around my Grandma’s property in the mountains, looking up at a beautiful blue sky and fluffy white clouds, sharing my thoughts with Him as a companion who was always at my side. I remember the peace and contentment of that and I guess it is one reason I was not a kid that had to have people around me all the time. He was always there as my companion. Once in a while through out my life, I have experienced that again, mostly in dreams, but some other times too. Not related to any circumstance, just, I don’t know, maybe He came a little nearer on those moments. Maybe it was times I was struggling and in His compassion He allowed me to sense that nearness. It’s not easy to describe it. But lately, I have detected that same shift in the atmosphere from time to time, more often than I generally ever did. A spontaneous spark of joy always accompanies it. It is like finding a note from someone expressing love, or appreciation, or encouragement, and letting yourself acknowledge how badly you were needing something like that. It makes you smile, and brings happy tears sometimes too, at the kindness and thoughtfulness of the gesture.

I endured severe depression for about least 28 years of my adult life. I am 55. Some people can be unbelievably cruel when it comes to depression, unfortunately, more true with Christians than unbelievers, in my experience, but that could just be because I spent more time around Christians. I eventually escaped that oppression. It took a combination of many factors to do so. Proper diagnosis, some counseling, a lot of praying, time itself. But I can very candidly report today, that heaven, eternity, and Jesus were always on my mind. Life comes with disillusionment. Sometimes a lot of it. But despite how often we feel we are failing God, and despite how seldom we feel like we are growing or progressing as Christians, I am coming to finally understand that God is always at work in my circumstances, whatever they may be.

A few years back, my husband experienced a faith crisis. He gave up trying to “be a good Christian”. In the sense that it is God who saves us, God who keeps us saved, God who grows us, teaches us, and all that trying was arbitrary in the first place. How many of us have never gotten into some “traditions of men” efforts at one time or another?

Don’t get me wrong, the Christian life does require some things of us. But I think we often strive in ways and efforts God never asked us to. Plus, no matter how intentional we are about wanting Him to lead, we just can’t get out of our own way. I know there have been a lot of times when I managed to get yielded to the Lord, just long enough to see what direction He starts off going, and soon I have jumped in with both feet and “taking it from there”, like the goal is independence from God instead of total dependance on Him! God can’t do much with some of us because it takes 50-60 years for us to even start to discern how God works in our “becoming”.

I think we think too highly of or misconstrue entirely, what God “expects of us”. It’s really a wonder He puts up with any of us!

When the way before us is foggy and uncertain, even maybe a little scary, I skip ahead mentally to the wonders that will begin in the twinkling of an eye. It seems like everything has started to have a suddenness about it. Nothing is gradual anymore. Just another sign of the hour in which we live. Sudden pandemic. Sudden flip in election. Sudden total change in the patterns of life. An awful lot is being taken out of our hands. That’s when we really get to see God’s hand at work. He wants us to see He is all-sufficient. We are in a river. That river is moving. We can’t control what the river does. If I tense up and fight the flow, I will be wasting my energy. I have done it time and time again. Better to accept the trajectory set in place by God when He carved out the pathway. He knows where it is deep and treacherous, and He knows where the shallows are, and the deep still waters where there is rest and refreshment. He has left nothing to chance and it’s so much easier just to trust Him!

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    • There were some things that happened in recent couple of years that made it hard to do that for a while. Hopefully the Lord will get me back on task and continue to do something with me and my little corner of the interwebs. :-)l

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