The pivotal juncture

Just who is issuing orders to our military right now? The left didn’t hesitate to proceed as if the inauguration had taken place on or around November 5th, so one could suspect that might as likely also include commanding  our military. The USS Nimitz appears to have received conflicting and confusing orders. 

What might have been arranged with Iran by our traitorous domestic enemies who are successfully carrying out a bloodless (thus far) coup? Perhaps Iran’s role is to provide the blood? The next few days need to be saturated in prayer, because the powers of darkness are out in force, and this moment calls for a supernatural counter-offensive.

The church shooting Sunday in Texas was reportedly a tragic end to an already-in-progress attempt by the gunman, to evade police who were looking to arrest him for other crimes. But that’s looking at the incident with only physical eyes and mind. Spiritually, the enemy took aim at a tiny church-gathering, because the enemy operates like Antifa does. He is a bully. The only way to handle a bully is to stand up to them. The individual wanted by police, is just a pawn. The Christians who were terrorized by the event, were just doing what they are supposed to do. The pastor who died, might even be considered a martyr when he stands before the Bema seat.

Momentous things may happen in the course of this week. President Trump put out a personal invitation, he called an assembly, and people by the thousands, plan to be there. I just wonder why he called people to be there by the thousands. We know he loves drama, and is a showman. It could be he and his team have a foolproof plan, that has been in the works since 2018, and it is all going to come out that day. Maybe he wants his supporters to be there to celebrate it together. Maybe that is all true, regarding his intent, but Trump is a proponent of “positive confession”. The mantra is: envision it, believe it, help others believe it, and the universe  has no other choice but to comply.

That stuff often seems to work, “seems” being the operative word. Positive confession does nothing to sway the “will” of the universe, or God Himself. It is Satan who grants success in response to those kinds of confessions. Anything to prevent you from humbling yourself, is a perk, as far as he is concerned. He grants things as long as they suit his purpose. Just another way he messes with people’s minds. Ask yourself what Satan hopes to see accomplished this week. Is he on the side of truth, freedom, continuing Judeo-Christian values? Or is globalism more in line with his plan to sit “as God” exalted?

Now ask yourself what God wants, and what He has revealed in prophecy. We know the general plan, just not timing, so continuing to stand against the evil, is still necessary, but we absolutely have to watch these things through the scripture lens. That Texas pastor opened the stall door behind which a desperate armed gunman stood with his finger on the trigger of a gun and who had already proven he was willing to injure or kill. Even though that age 60-something preacher was the first to react and draw his own weapon to stop the assault of this 20-something kid on others, I imagine he knew in that instant when the only thing between him and the intruder was a half inch of metal, or maybe wood, his next move would be a “me or him” proposition. What should a follower of Christ do in that split second, what should he decide? The pastor may have done a quick calculation, (“I’m saved, I’ve had a good life, I know where I am going, he is young, lost…”). Taking time to decide is what cost him his life. The other guy was simply much more desperate.

I am speculating, of course, and have no way of knowing what went through the pastor’s mind. My point is, as a nation, as well as each individual American, we face a similar scenario. We need to have done our thinking before that do-or-die moment.

I uphold the 2nd Amendment. God allows for self defense, and neutralizing a threat to others who are vulnerable and defenseless. I can be a hothead. I’m more likely to confront first, and consider the risk later, if I live to have the opportunity. It is reflexive, and based in having failed to stand up in ways that proved very personally costly. I wouldn’t shoot someone just to defend my “stuff”, but to defend other people, especially loved ones, but really anyone vulnerable, you betcha I would shoot. To defend myself? I think that answer varies depending on many possible factors, but I have considered and know what those factors are for myself.

That’s what it comes down to. We are all praying for a peaceful resolution, but for a majority, I don’t think sitting by and just letting our entire way of life be taken away (without doing every thing we possibly can to stop it), is an option. Regardless what the enemy (if the shoe fits, wear it) think they can get away with, it’s not about control and power and influence and wealth for the 74 million+ who voted Trump. It is about stewardship, and consideration for someone other than self. It is about our right to worship our Creator, to whom worship is due, and dependance on Him and on our own hands, and minds, for provision.

All that said, our nation has a lot to answer for.

How does God deal with entire nations, as compared to individuals? Should the pro-life Crisis pregnancy counselor, staff and volunteers “pay” for the travesty of slaughtering babies done by others?  I think we have all been spared deserved consequences for something, so there’s really no such thing as “unfair” consequences for some specific thing we aren’t guilty of.

There have been people sounding the alarm not just as end times watchmen, but folks like Rush Limbaugh, and Mike Flynn, and Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and sheriff David Clark, just to name a few, that have been sounding the alarm about what was taking shape against us in our own government. Too many Americans have been too busy with everything from reaching the pennacle in their career, to avoiding reality by complete immersion in video games (I am talking about the adults, who use it like a drug, who set the example for the fresh crops of addicted generations), and myriad other pursuits, to bother being informed and keeping track of what the foxes are doing in the hen house. But even that isn’t the root of it. The root is spiritual.

The rest of today, tomorrow, and Wednesday, I will not be posting. This is a moment that transcends politics-as-sport, and the never-ending news and commentary. Everyone is so busy trying to tell everybody else what they think, that no one is hearing anybody except themselves. Enough. Among the myriad things we need to re-learn, is that there is a time for everything. Silence before a very serious God who is dealing with this nation, might be a good place to start. Whatever happened to reverence?

God may have granted His last reprieve. We need to ask Him if that is the case, and be ready to accept it if it is, and ask Him to prepare us. (I hope we’ve all done that all along). God knows how to have mercy even in wrath, or in chastisement. Should the events that unfold be harsh and disturbing, try to keep in mind that God has perfect aim.

On the upside, neither America, nor planet Earth itself, are our ultimate destiny  We know that

  • our flight is scheduled
  • our place on it is reserved
  • There’s always room for more

“Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”
Philippians 4:6-7

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