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If you are going to DC tomorrow, you need to read the document at link. If you were thinking about going, but not sure if you should, you need to read document at link because it will help you decide. If you aren’t going to DC, you need to read the document at link so you will know how absolutely essential it is for you to pray. Download it before it is scrubbed. Forward it, share it, tweet it, post it, rumble it, print fliers and rent a plane and drop them over your town.

This transcends politics and party lines. If you go to DC, please leave the kids at home! Patriot rallies are always family friendly, clean and safe, but I have an inkling this one could be “less so”. If you do bring the kids, or anyone vulnerable, please get safely back to your means of transportation home BEFORE dark. If enough show up, hopefully there will be no trouble. Link provided by Trump attorney Lin Wood.


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